Expert Explains Why Women are Better Investors


When it comes to money and finances, studies show older women are more likely to have issues than men, there are some reasons why – which we’ll talk about in just a moment.

The good news is: women have traits that make them better investors. Joining us to discuss all of this is Joanna Amberger, certified financial planner & aarp volunteer.

Why is it important for women to save for retirement?

The gender gap between men and women continues into retirement; older women retire with less money and are more likely to have financial difficulty than older men. It’s not just because women make less money than men but because women are more likely to leave work because of caregiving responsibilities – either for a child or an older adult. They are also more likely to retire single and have less access to pensions, retirement savings, asset income and have lower average social security benefits.

aarp is holding a woman and money conference to help women prepare for the retirement that they deserve. Men can come, but it’s really aimed at women. It will be at the japanese cultural center on saturday, july 14, starting at 8 am cost is $5 to cover coffee and pastries.

You must pre-register at aarporg/hi or call 1-877-926-8300 2 q-who is speaking at the conference? The keynote speaker is Gerri Walsh, one of the nation’s top investment educators. She will talk about how women can be better investors than men.

They have personality traits that suit investing better than men, like patience and perseverance. She believes they are not as likely as men to react emotionally to big market swings. Women tend to talk things out with friends, so they are open to good investment advice.

Do you have any tips for women trying to save for retirement?

Train yourself to be financially independent. Too often women make the daily household financial decisions but leave the long-term financial decision making up to their partners.

Being involved in the decision-making process will help you understand that process and shape its direction.

You can learn more about this on saturday at an event titled “how women outshine men in investing” it’s at the japanese cultural center of hawaii in moiliili.

It is from 8 am to noon, the cost is $5 kristine:

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