FCMB business version for small business enterprises

FCMB business version for small business enterprisesFCMBOnline Business is an on the web support for small business enterprises such as SMEs and other corporate organizations. It’s an on the web real-time alternative that enables business agencies 24/7 usage of their FCMB accounts as well as the ability to handle their finances anywhere and any time with the aid of an internet enabled device.

FCMB business version user types:

  1. Single User.
  2. Multiple Customers (Initiator and Authorizer).

Why Choose FCMB business version?

What you can do with FCMB business version

  1. Transfer money within FCMB and to other accredited financial institutions through out Nigeria
  2. Accessibility of your account data everywhere, anytime
  3. Instant money transfer within and outside FCMB
  4. Foreign  exchange transfers
  5. Next Business day financial transfers
  6. Bulk monetary transfers for payment of employees salary/settlement of suppliers and so forth
  7. Cheque book demands
  8. Affirmation of Cheques
  9. Consolidated view of ALL your FCMB accounts
  10. Download all your account statements in PDF format

Who is FCMB business version made for?

The FCMB business version for small business enterprises is designed for small business enterprises such as SMEs and different corporate organizations.

FCMBOnline business version is just a platform for small and moderate scale organizations which permits them to carry out quick funds transfer within FCMB accounts and other Bank accounts. With this they could also bring out immediate airtime top-up, pay bills like PHCN, DSTV, IPNX, SWIFT subscriptions, GOTV as well as Wakanow airfare. The software also enables transfer of resources to a FlashMeCash account and foreign trade transfers.

Features of FCMB business version for small business enterprises

  1. It can be accessed through any internet driven device
  2. It makes for multiple people at a time with different authorisation rights.
  3. Transactions are now rapid and secured.
  4. It provides for transaction order over an amount of time.
  5. Account monitoring is done realtime.
  6. It can be allowed with a hardware token.

Requirements For Opening FCMB Business Version

  1. Utility Bill such as PHCN bill
  2. Two Duly Completed signature cards.
  3. Copy of certificate of incorporation and Registration.
  4. Certificate of commencement of Business (where Applicable)
  5. Certified true copy of Memorandum and Article of Association.
  6. Copy of residence or work permit of all foreign signatories (if any)
  7. Board resolution to open bank account. (For limited liability companies)
  8. Two Passport photographs of each of the authorized signatories with their names behind.
  9. Certified true copy of Form C.O.7 or C.A.C2-3 (Particulars of Directors) and form C.O.2 ( Allotment of shares)
  10. Valid means of Identification for each signatory to the account ( National ID, Driver’s license or International passport)

You are to submit the form with the following documents:

After you have finished filling the the fcmb business forms, take the filled fcmb business form and all the needed documents along and submit them at the closest FCMB branch nearest to you. The FCMB customer care service will assist you in the opening of the FCMB business version.

For more enquiry or issues, you might head into any FCMB branch in your area and demand customer care assistant  or simply call 012798800. You may also deliver an email to [email protected]

Download the FCMB business version form

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