Feasibility study on poultry egg production business

Feasibility study on poultry egg production business

Today i would be discussing about Feasibility study on poultry egg production business. I have been bugged with too many questions regarding the matter of beginning a poultry farming business. Are you enthusiastic about starting a poultry farm –  poultry and egg production business? If YES, then listed here is a free poultry business plan template. This free sample poultry business plan will teach you all you need to know about how to write poultry business plan.

Poultry farming is normally the business venture I suggest to anybody retiring from government work to go into. Its also the right business for people who have zeal and passion for livestock farming. In the past, individuals were nonchallant about starting a poultry farm or cultivating crops for profits. In Nigeria for instance over 68% of poultry products were imported before 2004 when Obasenjo banned the importation of poultry products into the country and local production was forced because of suppressing demand over supply.

Also, the recent international rush in populace and a global demand for food, persons are now actually beginning to understand the possible of providing the most important standard need of man.

Starting a poultry business is a viable business venture any time any day. Listed here are explanations why I contemplate poultry farming a profitable venture. This is simply a poultry business plan free download for people intending to start the poultry and egg production farm. The guide also gives free feasibility study on poultry egg production business

How Profitable is Poultry Farming Business

There are lots of things that makes poultry farming a very profitable business venture,  but I will undoubtedly be displaying only five profitable reason why you need to start a poultry farm today:

1. Reproduction rate of Chickens: Business in Poultry Farming in Nigeria never leaves you barehanded since chicken can constantly lay eggs and hatches them fast. An average chicken hatches eggs almost every day and four times in a week. Some breed of poultry may generate about 340 eggs a year. By this bill, your chickens can produce one egg a day that you can promote everyday of the year. making out some dried days. Speaking larger, if you breed 500 layers, they will replicate an astonishing 12,000 hens within an occasion space of just 40 days.

2. Maturity rate of chicken is Quicker: As discussed earlier, an infant chick becomes a full-grown, egg-bearing chicken in a jaw-dropping 28 weeks. What this means is a pullet is ready to be distributed in industry as a full-feathered chicken in only seven months. Considering this type of fast-development process, a farmer can reap results on expense within 34 days of the farm being in operation.

3. Huge demand rate: All year round, poultry and poultry products has an unending demand. In fact, The demand obviously there even in the most remote areas. For instance a chest of smaller eggs is purchased for N500-N550 in Nigeria, while greater types need an asking price of about N600-N650. A crate contains 30 eggs. Therefore, you will soon be getting approximately N300,000 when you have 500 balanced chickens.

4. High Price, Excellent Value: Let me tell you! Having your own personal chicken farm could make you know how lucrative poultry farming is in Nigeria. A customer in Nigeria can easily fork out N2000 – N2500 for a fertile layers chicken. Multiply the total amount with the cost when you yourself have 12000 levels in your farm. Now do you observe lucrative poultry farming is in Nigeria?

This sample poultry business plan for Nigeria or Feasibility study on poultry egg production business is also applicable as sample poultry business plan in Philippine,  sample poultry business plan in tanzania, sample poultry farming business plan template in south africa, poultry farming business plan in uttar pradesh, poultry farming business plan pakistan and any part of the world.

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HOW TO START A POULTRY FARM | free poultry business plan template

  1. Write a poultry farming business plan. Feasibility study on poultry egg production business shows of what goals you wish to reach and how you want to get there. Additionally it is an agenda of how you want to work your company from not only a producer’s viewpoint, nevertheless the banker’s, lawyer’s, accountant’s and even probably the appointed hand’s standpoint. you can download the Feasibility study on poultry egg production business here
  2. Get a portion of land, start-up capital and poultry farming equipment. You can’t start up nor keep a chicken farm or a chicken farming business without these serious necessities. You will be needing buildings to raise your hens in, if they be barns or hutches depending how you are planning to raise your hens: mainstream or free-range? Area is to really have the buildings on and to grow crops on to give your chickens. Gear and machinery are essential to wash barns, dispose of deadstock, perform crops, etc.
  3. Come to a decision how to best raise your birds. There are two main ways to raise them. Traditional systems have birds limited to barns which are temperature and photo-period controlled areas. Free-range methods allow your birds to more or less have the run of the farm to act as naturally as possible.
  4. Decide what groups of the poultry industry you need to pursue. Ultimately you will find two types to choose from: broilers, which are chickens increased for meat, or layers–chickens elevated for his or her eggs. But, additionally, there are one other groups of the industry that you can pursue. Eggs that are not to be set available on the market for individual use (these may be from both broilers and layers) are incubated and the women born and raised till they are at the best age to be sold to facilities to be elevated as levels or broilers. The organization of incubating eggs and increasing women is separate from that of raising the hens themselves. There is also the element of slaughtering hens for meat that’s another industry by itself you may wish to pursue.Many chicken farms (primarily those that aren’t conventional) have several segment of the chicken farming to operate. Whether you wish to work all industries or simply one or two can be your choice.
  5. Find a distinct poultry industry niche, if possible. If the location you’re in is popular for increasing chickens a specific way (more main-stream than free-range), you might wish to pursue a distinct segment industry that goals the consumer’s interest in free-range birds as opposed to the conventionally
  6. Make yourself recognized to possible clients and consumers. Market yourself by simply allowing others know you’ve eggs or chicken meet you intend to sell. Usually offering by word-of-mouth will be a lot cheaper and still typically the most popular way of promotion than spending money on an advertising in the neighborhood magazine which could get study by just a few people. But, there is number damage in performing that sometimes, or will there be any harm in establishing a website marketing your product.
  7. Keep up with files and accounting of your new business operation. This really is so that you may always inform if you are earning profits or not.
  8. Raise your animals in respect with regional, state/provincial and federal law.

Download the feasibility study on poultry farming pdf


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