FISH SMOKING businessThis business plan on how to start a fish smoking business in Nigeria, will give you needed guide on how to start and profit from fish smoking business. The cost of starting a commercial fish smoking business in Nigeria, The cost of the different commercial fish smoking machine and equipment (fish smoking kiln in Nigeria) needed for the commercial fish smoking. The packaging of the smoked fish for shipment and sales. The feasibility report on fish smoking business in Nigeria are discussed in this fish smoking business plan template.

Fish smoking business in Nigeria market analysis

Fish is without doubt one of the most meaningful sources of animal protein in Nigeria right now. Fish proteins are notably wealthy in important amino acid and likewise comprise minerals in addition to nutritional vitamins. Protein of fish origin is comparatively cheaper than different sources of animal protein.

Nigeria is blessed with an intensive shoreline, considerable creeks and fine community of rivers and streams. It subsequently possesses a remarkable potential for fish manufacturing by means of catches from the reckless in addition to fish farming to bridge the broad hole between sale and provision.

Published losses on fish harvest is notable because fish is a extremely perishable product. Destitute preservation strategies are adopted following seize and amid transportation from the agricultural areas to the city facilities the place the sale for new fish is elevated. At ambient temperature, losses are estimated at about 45 per cent of whole physique weight of fish.

The truth that enzymes actions in fish are delicate to temperature adjustments makes preservation by smoking one of the acceptable strategies of prolonging the shelf lifetime of fishery merchandise.

Raw Materials for fish smoking business

  1. Plant Aptitude: Fish (4000kg/month)
  1. Uncooked Materials Requirement: Fish (particularly bonga/sardinella).
Amount Industrial
High quality Well-behaved and new
Charge N 250,000.00

Supply: Native: Adamawa, Plateau, Benue, Kogi and Kwara, Akwa Ibom, River State of Nigeria.

Fish smoking process

The commercial fish smoking process and procedure of fish smoking includes:

  • Washing and dressing of fish.
  • Fish is then salted.
  • Fish is then smoked using modern fish smoking machine.
  • The smoked fish is then packaged neatly and prepared for the market.

Fish smoking Equipment and machines:

To succeed in fish smoking business, you will need commercial fish smoking machine ( fish smoking equipment and fish Smoking Kiln ).

This fish smoking machine in Nigeria can be locally fabricated or imported. The fish kiln uses solar or gas to power it. Download the complete business plan to get the list of fish smoking machine manufacturer and the design and fabrication of fish smoking kiln.

Cost of fish smoking machine: N150,000.00

Spare Elements Requirement

Obtainable domestically.

Charge: N20,000.00

Labour Requirement for fish smoking business :

Number of workers – 18

Class N
Manager 1 50,000.00
Manufacturing Supervisor 2 80,000.00
Expert employees 5 150,000.00
Unskilled employees 10 200,000.00
Entire 280,000.00


Expert -5

Unskilled -1

Supply: Native



Electrical energy 60,000.00

Gas 100,000.00

Water 80,000.00

Entire 240,000.00

Different Amenities

Telecommunication 6000,000.00

Transport 50,000.00

Entire 650,000.00

Preliminary Monetary Evaluation

1 Charge of land 600,000.00
2 Constructing (Lease) 50,000.00
three Machine and Tools 200,000.00
four Utilities 240,000.00
5 Pre-investment charge 80,000.00
6 Contingencies 50,000.00
Entire 1,220,000.00
Estimated Turnover N 56,000.00
Working charge
zero.75% of previous charge N 45,000.00
Fracture-even level (%) 25%


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