Gujiyas are sweet dumplings especially prepared on the occasion of Indian festivals of holi & makar sankranti. Thandai and Gujiya are 2 must have dishes on holi & makar sankranti.We are going to prepare mawa & dry fruit gujiya today


 Here are the ingredients we need:

  1. Ooil for frying you can use desi ghee instead
  2. All purpose flour, you can use wheat flour instead.
  3. Mawa/milk solids obtained when whole milk is completely dried by heating powdered sugar milk.
  4. Chopped/sliced almonds & cashews,
  5. Raisins & chironji/charoli
  6. C|larified butter cardamom powder
  7. Dessicated coconut powder water
  8. Gujiya mould.


We will prepare the dough first to the all purpose flour. Add the milk & desi ghee and combine well (you can use yogurt instead of milk)

Now add water little by little to knead into a medium hard dough. The dough is ready it should be this hard, cover it & let it rest for 30 minutes. While it rests, we will prepare the gujiya stuffing in a wok or pan.

Heat the mawa for 30 seconds or till a bit soft and it comes together on medium heat stirring continuously then transfer it to a bowl add in the chopped dry fruits, cardamom powder & dessicated coconut powder and combine well the mixture is well combined keep aside to cool completely the stuffing has cooled add the powdered sugar & mix well the stuffing is ready.

We will now roll out the dough for the gujiya covering, knead the dough for some seconds then take a piece of dough applying a little oil on the hands, then take some dough & make 10-12 even sized balls roll out one ball to make a 5-6 inch round roti which is medium thin.

Apply little oil to the dough ball & rolling surface to prevent sticking while rolling ensure the roti is not thin in the center as it has to be stuffed with dry fruit mix the roti is made now place it in the gujiya mould; some of it should hang outside the mould.

Press it lightly in the mould pits now put about 1-15 tbsp of the stuffing in one side, ensure you do not overfill or else the gujiya covering will rupture while frying apply water all around the circumference then lift the empty half of the gujiya mould & close it firmly press on the edges of the mould to seal completely & remove the extra dough.

The removed dough can be reused to make more gujiya covering open the mould & remove the gujiya carefully.

Place it in a plate, prepare all the gujiyas in this way all gujiyas are ready, we will deep fry them now add oil to kadahi/wok keep heat on low & let it heat up ensure the oil is not too hot, deep fry the gujiya on low heat throughout the oil is hot.

Place 3-4 gujiyas in the oil & deep fry till golden on both sides turning them over frequently when they are done, drain the excess oil & transfer to a dish fry all the gujiyas all the gujiyas are fried & ready allow them to cool down completely then store them in an airtight container.

These ingredients will be sufficient for about 12-14 gujiyas, here is our dish of the day – mawa dry fruit gujiya do prepare them and share with your family & friends, and share your feedback if you like the recipe & dish please like, comment & share our video, thanks for watching.

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