Highest Paying Niches for Google Adsense 2018

Highest Paying Niches for Google Adsense 2018

Best Paying Popular Niches for Google Adsense 2018. You may have noticed the low adsense cost per click in this January 2018, and probably that is why you are searching for the highest Paying Niches for Google Adsense 2018, with an intention to change your niche to top paying niche so that you can earn more from adsense.

It has become so challenging for publishers this 2018 to make meaningful earnings in google adsense. Several adsense click may end up giving you very low earnings. You may wish to know why. I answered this question in a previous post ” Why are my adsense earnings low ?”

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Looking at the keywords used in your blog, you may find out ways to make your adsense better. Adsense pays per click or per impression depending on the amount advertisers pay or compete for positioning and placement using the keyword on publishers websites or blog.

So this means that you need to know the particular keywords that attracts bigger cost per click CPC. This will help you earn higher with google adsense in 2018.

Highest Paying Niches for Google Adsense 2018 Depends on:

  1. High paying Google AdSense Niche:
    The adsense niche you decide to blog on will to a large extent determine how much money you earn with google adsense this 2018. Below is a list of 5 top and highest  paying Google Adsense niches for 2018.

5 top and highest  paying Google Adsense niches for 2018

  4. Technology

There are numerous high paying niches for Google Adsense. However, this are the 5 top and highest  paying Google Adsense niches for 2018, which are fully guaranteed to give high Adsense earnings. Are you thinking of how best to boost or increase your Adsense earnings or income, then by simply a changing the niche you are blogging about online will obtain it.

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  1. so what should i choose for blogging for good income

  2. You can choose blogspot but if you intend to have better dashboard and ability to change things much then you can go for wordpress

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