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How To Earn Cash Writing and Sharing Contnent From permits you to share your ideas and gain cash online by composing astounding enlightening articles, short videos, images, and ebooks.

This article gives an outline of what is and portrays some of its elements. On the off chance that you have just joined and are searching for a beginning aide, read the Getting Started With or the Frequently Asked Questions. is an accumulation of articles on different topics written distinct writers all over the world, and it additionally offers writers an awesome approach to acquire exrta income. We’ve made considering a couple of various purposes. has three basic purposes:

  1. Give Valuable Information to Others Through the
  2. Help Writers Publish Their Articles .
  3. Help Writers Earn Money Writing Articles Online. is free to join, Click here to Join

Give Valuable Information to Others through

The web is home to an incredible learning platform through articles, websites, recordings, videos and the sky is the limit from there. This site is one of those assets. Here you have a way you can share your information to bunches of individuals around the globe.  Taking time to make ready high quality and informative content will make readers interested, easier to find in search engine results and more likely to be profitable to you the writer.

Join and start making money online.

Helping Writers Publish Their Content

When you distribute articles on your articles and profile are accessible on the web and are listed by famous web crawlers. These articles and your profile turn out to be a piece of your online presence, thus expanding your range and prevalence as an author.

You can likewise associate your account to Facebook and derive more advantages from social network communities.

The most effective method to Connect Your Account to Facebook

Helping Writers Earn Money Writing Articles Online

When you compose articles and host them on, adverts are shown alongside your articles. A percentage of these advertisment impressions are given to you, permitting you to earn cash from your articles. You likewise get extra pay per visits on your article, per the Facebook shares and per Facebook comments on your your articles

See our FAQ for data on the advertisement sharing rates, pay per visits rate, pay per the Facebook shares rate and pay per Facebook comments rate.

Join and start making money online..

We hope you enjoy using for whatever purpose you choose – whether to share your ideas with people, or just to make some extra money online writing and sharing articles. Regardless of your intentions wish you the best of luck using this platform and please bookmark and always return and use the site often.

Much obliged to you, Staff

How to sell e-books on

Step 1 Upload Your Product Product

With selling on, it’s easy to upload your Product. Once you’ve registered to start selling your books, use the upload and sell tab to start selling quickly.

Step 2 Customers See Your Offers on is a leading website and venue for millions of online shoppers. By listing your offers on, you can reach millions of potential customers every day.

Step 3 Customers Purchase Your Products makes buying your products easy. With features like 1-Click and a brand trusted by millions, we help customers make quick, easy, worry-free purchases.

Step 4 You Deliver Products to Customers notifies you by e-mail when an order has been placed. And your item is delivered to the customer.

Step 5 You Receive Payment
You withdraw payment for the order and its deposited into your bank account, and you receive notification by e-mail that your payment has been sent.

Step by Step Process on How to Register & Set Up a Your Online BookShop on

1. Click Register /login button  to get registered 


2. After registration click “My Dashboard”


3. ADD NEW PRODUCT: Here is were you will upload and publish your ebooks. Follow the guide on the image below


PRODUCT: Here you can edit products earlier published or even delete product if you choose to


Click “Add New Product” To add new ebook

4. Sales Report:  Here is an automated analysis of your daily sales. You can choose the date range for the sales report.

After the uploading and promoting of your ebook, it is sure that people will begine to buy your ebook. The question is, how do you track your sales? Sales in are automatically tracked and statistics opened to all members to see and review.

You can view your personal sales report in the control center of your vendor’s dashboard  as seen below. However, if you also want to see the general performance of other book sellers within a period range then click the woocommerce tab under your wp-admin page.


HOW TO RECEIVE YOUR EARNING pays authors once their earning/ sales is up to 100 USD for Bank transfer and 50 USD for paypal transfer . To withdraw your earnings from your account follow the steps below:

1. Check your current account balance under your author’s dashboard

2. Click the “Cash Withdrawal” button and fill the form

3. We pay you within 48 hours (bank transfer) and one week depending on your location, if the check option is chosen.


5.  STORE SETTINGS: Here is your personal store settings. You can share your store link to all your facebook fans, or use it as your website store for adverts of your ebook library.


    • Upload Banner: Upload a well design banner for your store
    • Store name: Give your store a name
    • Social Profile: Add your social media profiles for social media promotions of your products to your fans
    • Method of payment. Your PayPal address is used to send you your commission automatically or add Your bank details for bank transfers of your earning which takes atleast 48 hours
    • Phone Number & Email. Add your phone number and Email address to be shown up on your profile page or for contact by your clients

How to Promote and Market your ebooks

It is very necessary to you to actively Promote and market your ebooks. It is one of the most enjoyable part of being an author or an information marketer. marketing and promoting your ebook, creates more awareness and result into much more income. However, people can come to know about your eBooks in the following ways:

  • They might have already known about your book and do an inquiry online;
  • Someone had ‘shared’ a link that leads you to the book (by Facebook, email, Twitter, etc);
  • A subject you are inquiring about online leads you to that book coincidentally;
  • You basically ‘stumble’ upon the ebook.

It is necessary that Online Publishers deploy daily strategies online and offline to maximize their selling opportunities. These are list of some effective marketing strategies for your ebooks:

1. Using Facebook page and twitter:

Utilize Twitter and Facebook to captivate and engage fans. Social media networks, for example, Twitter and Facebook are helpful approaches to network with different scholars. Take part in cool discussions with readers. Remember to put a link back to your product page so as to help initiate a sale.

2. Blogging
I know blogging takes a great deal of time and a many of my customers ask me for what reason they ought to do it. The principal reason is that it expands traffic to your site shop and product page. The second is that when people read your blog, they see you as a master in your field or that your work is enlivening. When trust or interest is created, readers will need more content and books from you – particularly when they see the quality you offer for nothing. Reader perception regarding your post and professionalism will help them overcome the fear of buying a book that does not have value. offers a free blogging platform for authors click here to start your free blog

3. Promote through Face book advertisement:
Promoting your eBook through Face book advertisement makes sense by leveraging on the millions of social media community of friends. Learn how.

4. Promote through Google advertisement:
With google advertising also call pay-per-click (ppc), your ebook adverts are spread across the whole web, in side bars of emails, search pages, websites, forums etc. it is very easy to make faster sales via this medium. PPC is not free, you can pay for the service using your mastercard.

(GTBANK) and any other type of mastercard you may have. However, the visibility and cost of your google advert depends on the keywords used in advert your advert placement. it is also important that you know what keywords people may be searching for and the competition of the keyword.  While this point might be an entire blog in itself, all I will say in regards to keyword choice is to verify it is as related to your ebook as possible.  Avoid more extensive terms, focus on narrower, more specific terms. – Learn how.


The reasons why you must sign up with

However, you yourself can do a lot for the success of your publications. You know your subjects best and can market your papers with your specific knowledge to reach  more buyers. you should also become active yourself promoting your publication through social media, at your school/department.

You don’t need to bother about paypal and clickbank any more, the solution has come for all those willing to take up a career in online business in Nigeria or other countries disadvantaged by paypal or clickbank. Work in the convenience of your home, write and publish you books free, receive all forms of online payment including paypal,

In recent times, authors, publishers, students or internet marketers wishing to create impact internationally while they earn, have been so incapacitated because major payment processors do not accept them or they are either from countries not supported by PayPal or clickbank below:

Cote D’ivoire
Bouvet Island
British Indian Ocean Territory
Central African Republic
Christmas Island
Equatorial Guinea
Heard Island and Mcdonald Islands
Iran, Islamic Republic of
Korea, Democratic People’s Republic of
Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya
Papua New Guinea
Serbia and Montenegro
Syrian Arab Republic

Countries not supported by PayPal as Updated 28 June 2012 

  1. Free book and thesis publication: book and thesis publication can cost you more than $900 with classic publishers but we help you publish online without bearing any inventory, printing or distribution cost
  2. Distribution of your books and papers via online shops like Amazon and hundreds of other international bookstores
  3. All disadvantaged countries including Nigeria are eligible and publish and sell their books internationally
  4. The most important thing is that we process customers who want to buy your ebooks using PayPal . This eliminates the problem of you having to verify your PayPal account that could land you into financial trouble if your account/money is frozen.
  5. In addition to natural traffic, the quality books on get very excellent search engine exposure.
  6. You receive 60% commission on every sales of your book for life
  7. Your royalties/commission are transferred to your bank account or sent as check each time you reach cumulative earnings reaches $100

Affiliate marketing is a perfect work from home business opportunity. For some people affiliate marketing brings in a little extra income, while for some other people affiliate marketing is a full time job, providing a full time income for them affiliate program is an enormous approach for you to earn commissions through inserting your given affiliate links on your websites, blogs, facebook page, or sending it as emails to refer users to the website. You will earn 15% of the total cost of any product a user clicks on the banner/link and makes a purchase on our site.

How to make money fast from your affiliate links

1.  Through blogging: you can blog about any subject you know that people will be highly interested in, spot the problem and introduce a solution found in through your affiliate link. Click here to open a free blog or use which is still free

2. Through Social Media: you can also make a lot of money with your telling your friends about any book, product or the entire website and  place your affiliate link for them to click. Imagine having 3000 friends on facebook and earning 15% from each of their purchase on

3. Through email marketing: you can do a personal review of any book or product of your choice in and put your affiliate link, send it as email to your email list. you can do this with your yahoo or  Google email.