How to create open caption or subtitles in premiere pro cc

Hello – Techmates! Thanks for watching TecHour channel and today I am going to show you how to create this caption or subtitle that you have watched in the beginning of tutorial. Coming up now.

Let’s assume that you have premiere pro software installed in your computer and a project ready to create captions or subtitle. I will use this short video documentary movie that you have watched previously but without subtitle. Anyway, the footage I have used in this tutorial are from

So, a big thanks to Pixabay and let’s begin the tutorial.

 Firstly select your current time indicator and drag this to the beginning of the timeline. Now go to project panel and select new item, select Captions from the Menu and a new captions window will pop-up. Here we need to set the captions standard.

When you click in the box, six options will appear with a drop down menu. CEA-608 and CEA-708 are both closed caption, 608 is older standard for analogue signals, and 708 is modern closed caption style.

 So, what is closed captions? Closed captions can be turned on and off by the users as long as the decoder or media player supports it, then teletext and open subtitling.

Open subtitling is developed to make multimedia available to viewers who may not speak the language used in the video. Then Australian and at last open captions. Open captions are different from closed captions because they are part of the video itself and cannot be turned off .We will select open caption and keep Timebase and video setting as it is for this tutorial. When you press ok, you will see an open caption item will be appeared in project panel

Drag this on top of the video in the timeline and stretch the open caption till the end of the sequence. You will see type caption text here in program monitor, now double click on the open caption from timeline, a caption’s editing panel will be opened in your project panel If you do not see the captions panel in your project panel, then go to Window and select captions from the drop down menu. Now this is the time to add captions for your sequence

I have already created a word document to add text here: I will simply copy the first sentence of the voice over and paste it here. You will see the text has been changed in the program monitor and it has black background. To change the black background from the text, just come to project panel, select the background color, you can change the background color from here and press OK to change the color. If you want make half way transparent background, you need to select opacity and decrease up to 60%.

If you do not want any background color, decrease the opacity to 0% It will make this background fully transparent. You can change your captions font from here. As you see the font looks small in my program monitor, I will change the font size from here I will make it 60 standard size.

You can change the font color by clicking on this and change the color you want. You can also change the font weight, regular, italic, narrow or bold, if you like. If your footage compiled with different background, you can add font edge to make captions stand out from the background. Just select edge color, change the color into black and set the font edge 7 as standard edge. You will see the captions looks gorgeous and professional after adding font edge and color to it.

You can align your captions from here, align right, align center and align left. You can make your captions bold, italic, underline or add music note, if you want. If you wish, you can change the open position caption block to middle, left, and right or anywhere in the frame by clicking here. Also changing the X and Y direction, you can position your caption where you want. To reposition the first caption, you can drag this open caption at the right place, or you can set the In point by dragging the current time indicator, copy the in-time code from the program panel and paste it in open caption panel.

Like this you can set out time point, copy the out-time code, and paste it in caption panel. I will drag this caption to position it for the first sentence, now this is the time to add the second line of the voice over. Just come to the project panel, click on this + icon to add caption, you will see a new section has been added. We will add 9 more sentences on the voice over and re-position it to create the perfect subtitle for this video. Once you set how you want to see your captions, it will work for the rest caption as default for this project.

I will fast forward this portion. Now our project is ready with subtitle. That’s all for this tutorial today, I will show you how to export video with subtitle or caption that we have created today in my next video So, keep in touch, and subscribe the channel in order to get all the latest videos Hit the like button for this video, if you like it.

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