How to create your brand image?

Creating a brand image is hard work. But as soon as it begins to grow, you become more attractive, serious and professional. So you sell better and more expensive!

How to get attractive?

Indeed, you should start by asking yourself what makes you attractive to your visitors. Yes, let’s talk about visitors rather than customers , because before being an effective customer, it’s a visitor that you are dealing with. And that is why we must make ourselves irresistible.

What distinguishes you from the competition? Do not say that your product is better, but explain the reasons why it is better than all the others! Visitors practice benchmarking for everything and all the time, thanks to the internet.

Do you offer your visitors a real added value, that’s the whole question.

Visitors must be spoiled. This is the concept of reciprocity: giving to better receive. And that’s why it’s so important to add value to your visitors.

Indeed, they will feel guilty to take advantage of this added value without giving you something in return, for example:

a comment on a blog post ,
sharing on social networks,
verbal propaganda: “XYZ is very good advice!”,
purchase of articles,
But how can you add value to what you propose to visitors?

Simple and effective: the blog

You just read the most famous form of added value: yes, it’s this good old blog.

So, be careful, we’re not talking about this blog full of ads. Oh no! Advertisements frighten visitors. Just like websites where the visitor has no way of interacting with you, contact you.

Creating a blog is completely free, and it’s a great way to gain added value for your visitors. Try to solve their problems and meet their needs! Help them and offer answers, techniques, tips.

Of course, you can not be omniscient. But it does not matter. People like people. So be as human as possible and do not hesitate to evoke anecdotes or stories that took place (without naming the actors).

It’s no secret: the Internet allows you to reach a very large number of people. And these people can become your visitors, then your customers. So, help them!

Essential: the return on your methods

You must begin to convince the visitor that he should buy from you. And the council plays an absolutely essential role.

did you go to meet the visitor to ask him what his needs are?
Are you comfortable enough and have you tried to meet the customer’s wishes?
Do you bring an expertise that is easily understandable by the visitor?
If so, perfect! Otherwise, it can be worthwhile to change things.

And it is important, in this phase of seduction of the visitor, to remain economical. It does not make sense to go into debt to please the visitor and offer them gifts in an uncontrolled way!

However, if you only rely on local and physical advertising (not on the internet, then), you make a big mistake. Thanks to a website, you can reach thousands of people. And item that cost you two hours of time can spread virally and clearly worth the candle.

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So, of course, you need a website, or at least a blog, where you can regularly meet their needs and value your offer. The return on investment can be worth it (greatly)!

Manages the visual identity of your company

Creating a corporate identity for the company is of paramount importance.

Everything you produce, generators, must be created in the colors of your company, in order to mark the subconscious of your visitors and associate them with something positive. You have to make sure that they immediately think about you (and how you helped them) as soon as they see something that wears your colors: a cup, a car, a house, an indoor site, etc.

Beyond the colors, it is also the brand image that is important. The identity of the company also goes through its visual and written language: beyond the simple model of invoice , it touches the language of your company, the way you have to communicate around you.

Therefore, the professional language must be adapted to your target group. Because in the end, it’s the visitor who will decide whether to use your services or those of the competition. We call this comparison offers

Get in touch with your customers

In order to respond effectively to the needs of your customers, you still need to know exactly what they need, which is a problem for them.

So you’ll have to go find these answers, by consulting forums, comments from other blogs, etc., all these platforms where people will openly share what they need. The advantage with the internet being that you can browse the web anonymously, simply creating incognito accounts to access these platforms.

Capture these fears, problems and desires and offer them an adapted user experience, on your website, your blog, your shop in hard or online (if you do practical e-commerce ).

Do not forget that we must give customers the opportunity to contact you, at least through a contact form on your page.

And communication on social networks is also important. Thanks to them, you can address a particular person as well as a community of users.

You can instantly reach a huge volume of people, even if they will not necessarily feel as directly involved or involved. A type of tools to use intelligently, therefore.

Make them fans of you!

Once your visitors have turned into customers, the challenge is to keep them as such!

So, make them become fans! They should be proud to have bought you, to have commented on you or to give you advice. This will imply that you keep in touch with them very regularly.

And the newsletter (or “newsletter” in start-up language) is there for that. But many have abused the newsletter to spread advertising, making all newsletters suspicious. This tool is still one of the most used corporate communication tools.

The newsletter can help showcase your customers, talk about them, and invite them to share the publication with their network, increasing the reach of what you create.

For your customers, the added value will be precisely there! Offer them something that’s valuable to them: testimonials , white papers, Skype explanation sessions, discounts, tips, and more. to show that you are listening to them.

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