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Fruit Juice Manufacturing and juice packaging

Fruit juice manufacturing company in Nigeria is liken to Sachet pure water business, you can't fail with it. The main reason being that Nigeria is one of the best consumers of fruit juice on earth coupled with being the greatest industry in the African continent. A very good investment in juice manufacturing and packaging in Nigeria will generate threefold of results on investment within a short period of time.

50% of the more than 150 million population take juice on day-to-day basis. No wonder companies like Chivita, Coca Cola, UAC, Leventis Ingredients, and the others have been successful in the business and making billions of dollars unannounced. Government ban on importation of foreign produced juice into Nigeria has doubled the profit potential in fruit juice production in Nigeria.

La Casera was bought for N40 before the ban on importation of canned fruit juice into Nigeria, the moment the ban got in position, the price tag on La Casera went skywards from N40 to N70. Today La Casera comes for N100 as the retail price. I gathered from reliable source that it takes about N35 to manufacture and distribute a container of La Casera to the end consumer.

Meaning they have been a making and sharing about N65 gain per bottle between La Casera manufacturing company and its distributors and stores within the years. And this really is just regular bubbly drink. Quality fruit juice is far more desirable and a lot more useful than carbonated drink or energy drink and provide more return on investment.

What Is Required In Refined Or Canned Fruit Juice Production

The fruit juice production requires large capital but it’s worth it. The good news is that there is however provision to start little and explore new frontier. Farmed fruits such as Pawpaw are not even being commercially processed in to fruit juice in Nigeria, resulting in the wastage of this useful and nourishment farm produce. This is actually a new business opportunity for any entrepreneur who wish to start fruit juice manufacturing and packaging in Nigeria.

Pick up the kind of juice you want to produce. It might be a Pawpaw foundation juice as I stated above. You could choose every fruit juice consume or carbonated drink much like La Casera. Any fruit juice brands, juice brands, orange juice brands can do for Nigeria, we just love drinks – simple juice brands but quality drinks.

Your fruit juice business plan must focus on the aspect or form of juice you've picked to produce. Make your fruit juice manufacturing business plan as detailed and complete as you can especially if you will present it to financiers. Include extensive information about the sort of juice {you want to

Produce and the type of juice pressery you intend to setup, three-year operating expenses; three-year profit analysis; marketing and community relations techniques; examination of competition with the fruit juice market; information about possible sellers and selling avenues. 

Like I claimed earlier, I'd suggest you select flavour that are not very popular in the Nigerian industry yet. A different variety of fruit juice will give you added advantage and gain new customers for your model with such an incentive to patronize your product.

NAFDAC Acceptance is vital, you need to have that before engaging in the industry manufacturing of any food, drugs, and beverages. Go to NAFDAC when you have effectively startup your juice manufacturing plant, make several containers and take it to them for final approval. You should begin this technique effectively ahead of time.

Expected Machinery For Fruit Juice Manufacturing and juice packaging Business

What is indeed a fruit juice? A fruit juice may be described as suspension of water, sugar (manly: glucose – fructose – sucrose), acids, essences, vitamin supplements, protain, nutrients, pigments and pectic-substances. Therefore its not just the packed good fresh fruit straight into a bottle, it has to feel the procedure for extractions, pairing, planning, bottling, and packaging. Here are some of the devices necessary for fruit juice production.:


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Organic water -> organic water reservoir -> raw water high pressure pump->multi- medium filtration (Quartz sand filter) -> active carbon filter-> sodium ion exchanger-> water pump-> precision filtration -> RO unit ->ozone unit ->natural water reservoir ->
Sugar melting container -> sugar filter -> Liquid mixing tank ->liquid  homogenizer ->machine De-aerater -> storage tank->UHT ultrahigh heat instant Sterilizer-> heat and cooling tank. ->Bottle mould blowing machine -> bottle unscrambler-> air conveyor -> auto washing-bottling -capping units ( monobloc 3-in-1 machine) -> inverted bottle sterilizer->bottle cooling machine ->jet printer-> auto hot shrink labeling machine -> hot shrink label tunnel-> bottles plastic shrink packing machine bottle dryer->jet printer-> auto hot shrink labeling machine -> hot shrink label tunnel->auto film shrink wrapping packager-> stacker by worker.


Fruit Juice Manufacturing and juice packaging3

Fruit Juice Manufacturing and juice packaging1


Fruit Juice Manufacturing and juice packaging2

The sample unit above must provide idea of what must setup a juice generation plant. Its really capital intensive but you can begin little as I stated earlier although nothing is small in this business.

Small-scale equipment juicing 100-500kg/hour is available from many supppliers, especially from India, for prices of around $10,000 to $20,000 per machine, depending on the equipment and its capacity. For larger-sized and more complicated equipment the costs escalate sharply. 

Packaging equipment 
Although packaging complements juice extraction and processing, equipment is not as widely available for small-scale production/packaging as processing equipment. It also tends to be expensive and difficult to maintain. 
For the smaller enterprise, Practical Action reports on a small manual bottle filler manufactured from a stainless steel bucket, with two manual valves, which is able to fill around 1,000 litres a day. This concept of manufacturing a once-off machine for manual filling probably needs to be combined with hot-filling. This would be cheap – probably costing less than $100. 
Sachets are cheaper than bottles and are widely used for juice and water in West and East Africa.
A semi-automatic fill, form and seal sachet filler which can pack around 600 half-litre sachets an hour would cost from $4,500, while an automatic 600 1-litre sachets-an-hour machine would cost $8,000. 
Mechanised fillers cover a range of types (piston fillers, low vacuum fillers, mass fillers), with sizes starting from around 500 containers per hour to tens of thousands of containers per hour. They cost from $8,000 upwards, to millions of dollars. 




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