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Hey, I just want to give a quick thanks to one of our sponsors at Simple Programmer which is Dev Mountain Bootcamp. You should go check them out. The link is in the description. They are a coding bootcamp and they can teach you web development, iOS development, UX design, a lot of good stuff. I get a lot of feedback from a lot of you out there that email me have told me about DevMountain, so I decided to check them out myself.

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You can see the link in the description below, DevMountain Bootcamp A big thank you to them for sponsoring Simple Programmer. I got a question here about “how I can earn some money while studying?” This question is from Kunal and he says,

 “Hey, John Thanks for all the videos I have a question:

I’ll be starting masters this September and I have a few months of free time. In this time, what are the things I should I be learning or doing so that I can earn some money and cover my living expenses at the time I study? I don’t have any work experience yet and I am learning web development, currently – MEAN stack and ASPnet. What are the options to start earning some money while I study? Do you have any other tips for me?” He says, “I’m from India currently studying computer science and I want to move to Canada next year, so I’ll be doing masters in CS next year” I’ve got a few tips here.


First of all, I want to set the correct attitude which is one that I think is really important which is one of somewhat humility of not thinking that you’re above anything. Actually, it’s kind of funny. There was a really good part of a book by Ryan Holiday called: The Obstacle Is The Way, You could check out the book I will send a review on it.

Really, really good book and he talked about—I think it was—I want to say it was President Woodrow Wilson. It might have been—I might be confusing in but he was talking about how he had basically said that he was willing to do whatever worked, that he never found any kind of work above or below him. Any kind of work was not below him. He was a janitor at one point and he mopped the floors I think that’s where you got to start.

A lot of people that ask me, “Well, how can I get a job or I can’t find a job” They’re not willing to—they think that certain stuff is beneath them and I want you to have a job that’s going to be relevant to what you’re doing. I want you to be successful and have the best job that’s possible to you, but your attitude has to be such that you’re willing to mop the floor if you need to If you really want to achieve your dreams, if you really want to be able to pay for your studies If you really want to accomplish whatever you want to accomplish in life, you got to be willing to scrub the toilet.

You got to be willing to do whatever it’s going to take and not think that something is beneath. Again, I’m not accusing you I’m just saying this because I don’t think that you have this attitude, but for the benefit of everyone watching this, I want to make sure that it’s very clear that you start there. If I had to someday flip burgers, I would not be like, “Oh, I’m never taking a job at McDonald’s because, you know, I was on YouTube I have a hundred thousand subscribers.

I was a famous entrepreneur and programmer. Yeah, that’s bullshit I’m not doing it I’m above that” I would never say that.

Use a Freelancing site

I would go flip burgers if I have to, honestly, like I don’t think I’ll ever have to, but hey, if I got to do it, I’m going to do it I’m not going to be above that I just want to set that as the base because you might have to do that There is the base Now, what should you do? You should try and use those skills that you got as you study.

You said you had ASPnet, MVC skills or MEAN stack and ASPnet. Try and get a job for three months doing some development work. Maybe you can go to a freelancing site like UpWork or something like that.

That might not be the best way Definitely, I would recommend—check out my course on how to create a blog. It’s going to be a little bit late for that, but if you get this set up and you can get people coming to you and getting some freelance work, that would be ideal but it’s going to take some time to get that traction going. You might as well start your blog now though because that will be useful, but it’s really not going to be resource right now I would try and I would go to local companies.

Even if you’re not going to work for a lot of money, try to do something relevant Your first choice is to do a job that’s as relevant and as close to what you actually want to do and what you’re studying as possible –  because I always say try to do things that have multiple outcomes. Multiple good things that come from it, When I’m making these videos, it’s not just the video – I’m making some money from advertisement.

I enjoy doing the video right, but I’m building up a back catalogue of videos It’s also going out to a podcast. It’s also going out to a video podcast, It’s getting people to sign up to my list I’m pointing you back to my website.

I’m selling some product on here. There’s a bunch of outcomes that are coming from this – It’s not just, “I want to be a YouTube star so I’m going to make YouTube videos” That’s like just one outcome. We got multiple things, multiple ways to win.

Again, with your job, you want to figure out, “Can I get some kind of way to make money that’s going to improve—going to help me learn more of what I’m learning and it’s going to be relevant to what I’m doing and maybe have whatever other positive outcomes” That’s the thing that I would think about, first of all Like I said, go out and talk to companies Go and find people. Go to meetup groups.

Don’t snub anything:

I mean you’ve got a short amount of time, just a few months. Hopefully, you’ve set up some of these things already, but be willing to work for less if you have to because the opportunity is going to be more valuable. I mean, obviously, got to make enough money to be able to pay for yourself while you’re going to school, but I would definitely start there Now, if you can’t do that, if you can’t get a job, programming, that’s fine then, hey—then just get whatever job I mean go work construction.

Do Manual Labor:

Go like do manual labor. Whatever it is that’s going to get you the money that’s going to get it, so that you can study. Again, that’s why I started off saying that don’t let anything be beneath you. Obviously, aim for what you can but don’t pass up opportunities. When you don’t have something, don’t snub anything.

When you’ve got a good job, sure you can snub a lower job, but never think that it’s beneath you. Just think that you don’t need that opportunity; Just politely decline opportunities at that time See what you could do there I think there’s a lot of ways to use the skills that you have.

Start a side Business:

The final thing that I’ll say is that you could start a side business, but you’re probably not going to like make a lot of money. It’s probably going to take some time to do that I would really not go towards that if you’re trying to get money in the short term What I would do if I were you is I would spend about two weeks looking for a development related job At the same time, I would be throwing out some resumes for kind of manual labor jobs, jobs that you can get temporarily that may be don’t pay so much that are going to be easier to get, just so you can get the money, so that you’re definitely guaranteed to get something

Then if the development jobs don’t pan out in a couple of weeks, maybe you could still keep on trying, but I would go and I would take another job just to get that money and to be able to have the ability to do what you want to do in life Sometimes you’re going to have to, like I said, scrub toilets or whatever it is in order to be able to enable yourself I’ve been definitely in positions where I’ve had to do stuff that I didn’t want to do to get to where I want to go You can’t always be choosy All right

I hope that helps you and good luck with finding your job If you like this video, if you haven’t subscribed already, just click that Subscribe button below and you’ll get all the videos that I do every week here on Simple Programmer, and I’ll talk to you next time Take care

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