How to make money in College

How to make extra money in college

 Whats good? Wealthbulderz, its yah boy DeVaughn back again with another video, and today we are talking about how to make extra money in college.

When you’re a college student things can really suck. You’re eating bullshit all day; Your professors could be a drab and your parents aren’t really the most financially savvy people. So its not like your in college with a silver spoon in your mouth – Welcome to the real world, player. This is what 95% of people are going throuugh while in college. But why are they? It seems to me while being in college or being of college age; your life could be so much easier if you just stepped out your comfort zone and did something about your finances. I know I make it sound easy with a vague statement like that but its really that easy.

The thing is, I’m not going to just give you some empty inspirational thought on how your college life sucks and you can make it better. I want to actually show you how to make it better with making more then just extra money in college. Cause extra money in college is like getting some bullshit part time job at Fed ex, no disrespect to my college students doing this but this is not going to really put you on the road to financial security

I’m going Show you how you can really make extra money in college without selling your soul or asking your parents to take out a 2nd mortgage just to finance this business.

Its a very simple method, Click the link below to find out more Its my FREE Ebook: The Wealhbuilderz Six Figure Formula To Making Money Online. In this book I break down how you can use social media sites like this one and make more money then you can think of all online.I literally give you a blueprint to success online which will in turn create time freedom for you to be able to do your college thing without having to worry so much about money. Also subscribe to my youtube channel and like this video.


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