How to make MONEY online without investment in urdu – How to EARN 5000$ per Month with no work

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This is a new website through which you can earn a lot of money without any investment also with no any work or task.

This is a mining type website 10$ as a bonus, which is operated by your computer, your laptop, and your smart phone.

You just have to click on a link given in the description that will lead you on this page you’re watching video. Here you have to Download a software, then install this on your pc/laptop or phone and follow this subtitle for next step. You can withdraw through Paypal or Bitcoin If you didn’t know what is bitcoin or how to purchase bitcoin or how to sell it then you can find such a videos in my channel ”YTGuide”.

 Here are some other videos about making money like this: Installation is completed now open this files or enter your valid email address here and enter password of your own. After this you will be here. This is the home page of your site One is a main balance Second is a Work balance.

You can find many other jobs to extend your income In the ”EARN FAST” tab on this page. Mining is running as Normal Mode now you can refer a friend to get more money. You just keep your PC on all the day or all the night along, Your pc will mine and the servers will pay you for this.

 Here are Crawl, Slower, Normal, Faster & Supersonic Modes. If your computer has a high RAM & Processor Then you choose supersonic mode. Then if your PC has normal RAM & Processor, then you have to choose a normal or faster, this is for safety purposes of your PC or Processor. If you like this video then share this and subscribe to my channel.



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