How To Make Passive Income (2021)

In this video I show you 7 ways to make passive income!
Passive income is one of those phrases that I honestly don’t care for, because it’s been overhyped by internet marketers and online gurus. These marketers want to paint a picture of you sitting on a beach sipping pina coladas with a little umbrella in it, while the money just rolls in without any effort.
The fact of the matter is that passive income isn’t passive. Passive income takes a lot of work, time, and patience to be able to earn it.
HOWEVER, if you do put in the time, work, and effort, there is absolutely no doubt that you can earn money while doing relatively little work over the long run.
Please stay for the entire video, because each one of these methods is a REALISTIC way to earn passive income in 2021!
1. YouTube
2. Membership Group/Site
3. Digital Product
4. Online Course
5. Affiliate Marketing
6. Dividend Investing
7. Real Estate Investing

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