How to manufacture instant noodles

How to manufacture instant noodlesHow to manufacture instant noodles

Today i will be talking about how to manufacture instant noodles. Instant Noodle is without doubt one of the hottest snacks meals items in United States. Instant Noodles manufacturing process is easy. And any particular person can begin this business firm with insignificant startup capital funding. Right here on this instant noodles manufacturing business plan, we intend to discover easy methods to begin a small scale noodle manufacturing firm. Instant noodles manufacturing cost is not as huge as you may think.

Noodles are instant processed meals product from flour. Also, Instant noodles occupies over 45% of market share in-the processed cereal merchandise in United States. In response to the output and constitute, noodles is the biggest section in the processed meals market. Typically, this merchandise is extra popular in-the in Africa especially countries like Nigeria . Instant noodles is an extruded product produced from tapioca flour with also maida. They are long thread-like food of zero.22 to zero.four mm. thickness.

Typically, noodles are available in two distinct variety. One of the types of noodle is the type of noodle that you can eat on the spot and always comes with the noodles spice, oil and so forth. This type of noodles is called instant noodles. One other is packed plain noodles.


Before you gon on learning How to manufacture instant noodles, you have to study the market opportunities. Instant noodles has a great market potential in United states and the The brand can also grow quickly. Resulting from rapid cooking abilities, instant noodle as we speak have a massively significant place in virtually each United State kitchen. A number of the hottest noodles manufacturing companies in united states includes Sakura Noodles Inc, Nong Shim America Inc, Sakura Noodles Inc. Moreover, among the main causes for its reputation are

  • Rising inhabitants of the nation.
  • Speedy industrialization globally.
  • Rising buying strength of the folks.
  • The sturdiness of the instant noodles.
  • The altering consuming behavior of the inhabitants.
  • Rising choice for instant food due to the growing numbers of working class citizens  and many others.


Getting necessary licenses is required for manufacturing noodles prior to commencing the instant noodles manufacturing operation. Verify the state legislation of your country. Right here we show off the fundamental legal requirement for starting a noodles manufacturing company.

  • Firstly,, register your corporation with appropriate authorities . Select your organisation type fastidiously.
  • Acquire necessary business License from the native authority.
  • If you are in Nigera you must get NAFDAC registration for your new noodle company
  • Apply for VAT business Registration.
  • Register your brand identify with Trademark


This kind of manufacturing operation doesn’t need a whole lot of space. Nevertheless, you’ll need to safe a space of at least 700 Square Ft for small scale noodles business operation. It’s advisable to have a ground plan in hand prior to putting in the equipment. Guarantee the particular area for manufacturing, packaging, storage and area for official work. Moreover, organize the utilities like electrical energy, water, and expert manpower. Verify what are the close by transport services can be found.

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Selecting a proper machine is extraordinarily significant in any sort of manufacturing business firm. An incorrect choice of machine could harm the standard and profitability of the product. So, it’s advisable to take professional counsel in getting probably the most appropriate machine in accordance with your particular requirement.

You may start out a noodle manufacturing business by two methods. One is as semi-automatic and one other is fully-automatic noodles manufacturing. Distinct kinds of noodles manufacturing machines can be found in-the market. Right here we put among the fundamental composition of instant noodles manufacturing plant

  • Vertical sort powder mixer with motor
  • Dough mixer blade type
  • Noodles making energy operated machine with distinct dimension die-heads
  • Weighing scales platform type
  • Wood trays
  • Plastic Buckets
  • Aluminium/Galvanised iron water tape pipeline fittings
  • Water boiler-fuel heated
  • Pouch filling and sealing machine



In response to the taste and flavour of your instant noodles product, you have to to formulate the noodles ingredients. Nevertheless, you possibly can source the formulation of the noodles ingredients and manufacturing technology from a trustworthy source. A few of the primary required noodles ingredients and raw materials includes wheat flour, sugar, salt, starch, vegetable oils, different spices, Sodium Bicarbonate and so on. Moreover, you have to to acquire the packaging consumables like pouches and outer packing containers.


watch the video on instant noodle production process

How to manufacture instant noodles: Instant noodles manufacturing process has the following steps.


The fair moisture content of parched mixes is 10-11%. Firstly, you should combine the three substances which includes: maida, starch, and soda bicarbonate in a vertical mixer. After which, you have to combine the edible color.


You can also make passable dough with the above mix solely through the use of boiled water. You’ll find a gelatin type of the starch right here. Then combine the ingredients in-the dough mixer for about 12 to 15 minutes.


After the above transfer the  kneaded dough to the noodles making machine. From right here you possibly can produce extruded materials of desired shape and size. Nevertheless, you have to use an acceptable kind of die. Modify the distance between the dye-surface and that of the cutting-blade. The moisture content material of the product at this stage is about 33%.


Then the cut instant noodles go from the cutting device and fall on wood trays. The product undergoes surface drying and turns into sufficiently solid instant noodles without sticking or being crushed. The moisture content material of the pre-dried product is about 29.5%.


Now the moisture content material of the product is 17%. The last stage is steaming. Following correct steaming, you may get a top quality product that has longer shelf-life. The steamed and subsequently dried product has a moisture content material of about 10%.

Instant Noodle as you may know is durable consumer food product. Therefrom, it calls for establishing effective distribution channel, brand consciousness and gross sales promotion exercise. Noodles manufacturing is very profitable business venture so far as income is concerned.

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