How to Predict Football Matches

How to Predict Football Matches

how to predict football
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How to predict football matches is an enigmatic question on the minds of many football lovers, bettors, and casual punters. The introduction of odds by bookmakers made predicting football more puzzling as the odds could be perplexing, making every educated guess futile.
Bookmakers have smartened up, and bettors need to do the same by studying the statistics of the game instead of relying solely on luck when predicting football. More often than not, weak teams do the unthinkable by winning or drawing matches against their superior opponents. It beggars belief how Croatia whitewashed Argentina in Russia 2018. In such an instance, how could you have seen the handwriting on the wall? How could you have guessed it right?
Without any further ado, the tips below succinctly explain how to accurately analyze football matches and bend the odds in your favor.


how to predict football
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1.    Variables:
The first thing that should come to mind when predicting football matches is variables like the performance data of both teams; this data includes shots on target, players in top form, ball possession, shots on goal per game. If you are enthusiastic about accurately predicting football, then you will find time to put these data in black and white and record observation.
Admittedly, you need to spend the time to collect these data, study them and extract the right information that will guide you while making predictions. Apparently, it will be worth it in the end. Try to retrieve the data of the opponent in the last ten games plays; find answers to questions like:
How well do they play at home?
How many goals do they concede away?
How many goals have they scored in the last few fixtures?
Do they have a track record of upsetting big teams?

2.    Home advantage:
Some teams play more confidently when they play in front of their home fans and such scenarios; the likelihood of such a team winning the fixture tends to be high, depending on the opponent they play against. Always check the results of both teams past ten matches to accurately understand how strong a team’s home advantage is.

3.    Player Rating
Some teams have an array of experienced players more than others. Players with individual brilliance and exceptional skill can influence a particular team’s performance positively. The current form of a player is another factor to pay attention to when ascertaining player ratings. Knowing which player is suspended or nursing an injury or out of the starting line up is also a useful tip to follow when predicting football matches.

Many soccer predicting websites give nearly accurate insights into what the outcome of a football fixture would be. It is advisable not to be overly dependent on sites when predicting football, but you can find invaluable clues to aid you to get an accurate prediction

4.    History: Yes! History repeats itself in football fixtures. Let’s Assume Eyimba Fc and Akwa United have played against each other 15 times, and Akwa has a track record of 7 wins and three draws while Enyimba FC only managed to win five times. According to conventional wisdom, it would be safe to predict that Akwa United would probably win their next fixture against Enyimba FC. That’s history determining the outcome of the fixture.
5.     Weather: Bettors are fond of overlooking the weather as a factor that can hugely affect the result of a football match. Early Premier league kickoffs bring about a myriad of draws because of the intensity of the sun, as playing under the sweltering sun impairs the sight of players. To master and demystify the art of predicting football games, you have to meticulously get your statistics covered and leave nothing to chance or luck.

Conclusion: If you want to know how well a team is likely to play in the future, you might want to study statistics and thoroughly consider their position in the local league table as downright immaterial.
For what it is worth, these tips will surely guide you better understand how to predict football matches and make less preposterous predictions in the future.

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