How to register a company name

How to register your company name

Today I would be showing you how to register a business name in Nigeria and other countries. Have you gotten a business idea you wish to launch? you must know that registering a company name is one step you must take.

What you will learn from this post

  • Advantages of registering a company

  • How to register a company name

  • Where to register a company

  • How much does it cost to register a company

  • Documents required to register a company

  • Steps to register a company


  1. Advantages of registering a company

    The advantages of registering a company name is innumerable, spanning from to trust of clients to access to some facilities and privileges not easily made available to private individuals. Below are list of benefits why you should consider  registering your business now.

    Certificate of incorporation

    Read more on how to get certificate of incorporation.  one advantages of registering a company is that you will be issued with a certificate of incorperation by the Federal Government. Thus giving you a legal permit to operate in the country within the jurisdiction of the business described

    Getting bank Loans

    Once you register your business as a company, Getting bank loans becomes easier compared to when you try t access access the same facility as an individual. Your new status gives you added trust before your potential investors and bank.

  2. Below are the steps on how to register a company in Nigeria

  • Step One: The first step on how to register a company name in Nigeria is to decide the name you wish to call your new business. The name of the business you want to register must be simple and clear as possible to make it easy for your client to remember.
  • Step Two: Find the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) office in your state , (CAC) has offices in major capital city in Nigeria. The business name search form cost about 500 Naira ( This answers the question on how much does it cost to register a company). Fill the business name search form with 2 different names you have chosen, In-the wake of filling and presenting the form you must sit tight for about 1 to 2 weeks to know whether or not the business names you filled is available.

If the any of the 3 names you filled in the search form are unavailable,  then you will have to fill another form but if the result shows that any of the names is available then proceed to the next step.

  • Step 3: The 3rd steps on how to register your company name is request for the business name registration file. Pay the required costs usually about 11,000 Naira (Another answer to how much does it cost to register a company) at the authorised pay point  (Please always ask any official in the CAC workplace).
  • Step 4: The 2nd steps on how to register a company name is Fill the registration form (make inquiries concerning any area you seem confused) and return. Make sure you collect your receipt and other proof of payment.
  • Step 5: Finally you can check back in a week or 2 to collect your finished business name certificate.

Note: You may not need a legal practitioner to register a business name, except you have excess cash to give out.

How much does it cost to register a company

During business name registration with the CAC, you may need to pay for the following:

  1. The business name search form which cost about 500 Naira. This form is used to fill in your 3 choice busiess names
  2. The Business name registration file cost about 11,000 Naira. After your name search has been done and a name approved, finally you will need to fill the business name registration document and attache the required document


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