• [Damian] Hey guys, it’s Damian from Marketing Food Online I wanted to show you guys really quick a great way to get shoppers to come back to your store if they happen to have an abandoned cart

Now, what does that mean exactly? Well, I’m going to show you, let me go back for one second, and I’m gonna show you what this amazing feature can actually do for your shop.

 So, if you are selling on Etsy, and this is not, you could do actually anything if you’re, specifically, we talk about food here on Marketing Food Online, of course, but in particular, you can do this for any shop with any type of a product,

Why would you want to get a customer who has an abandoned cart?

Well, number one, it shows, abandoned cart show interest in your product. If you have a customer who happens to get a product and put it in their shopping cart but they didn’t checkout, they are interested in your product, so why not send them kind of a teaser or set up some type of a reminder email with potentially even a discount to get them to come back and buy your product?

And now, what I wanna do is I wanna walk you through how we do this and you’d be very surprised and kind of shocked at how inexpensive it is to get customers to come back and complete their cart transaction. So, where do you find this under Etsy? Go to your Marketing and you wanna click on Marketing, and then Sales and Coupons, and that is where we are here.

So, here is the targeted campaign, so you have Recently favorited, which I’ll do in another video and I’m gonna show you why it’s really important also to follow-up with people who favorite your items and the reasoning behind that. But right now, I wanna talk about the abandoned cart. So, we want to do a new special offer This pop-up window will show up You want to send offers to interested shoppers.

  1. Run a scale or create a coupon:You wanna maybe run a sale or create a coupon. Now, if you haven’t checked it out yet, I did create a video to explain the coupon for Etsy, which is something that we use here at our shop a lot, I tell you, and it has a great benefit to it But right now, I’m gonna show you how to send offers to interested shoppers So step two, you’re gonna come to this pop-up screen Now, who would you like to send this offer to? Now, like I said, you’ve got two types to choose from: abandoned cart shoppers who’ve put products in their cart but haven’t checked out yet, and then you have recently favorited shoppers.
  2. Set a monthly budget:You wanna set a monthly budget And the per coupon sent, they’re going to charge 10 cents You’re maybe, like, whoa wow, that kind of seems like a lot, but let me explain, to understand the perspective on this I would personally say, if you’ve never done this before, I would start off with $5 a month Start low and then see how your abandoned cart shoppers respond to the emails

I wouldn’t necessarily go ahead and start spending $50 if you’ve got maybe just a couple items to offer and there’s really not a lot of abandoned carts that are out there. So, 10 cents per coupon. Now, I would recommend you try to add, if you don’t have very high ticketed items, if you’re selling $5, $3, four, five or 999 items and you have a lot of traffic though, this may be useful. Try though, if you can, to create the 25, 30, $40 price pointed products. because spending 10 cents per person to send it out, and let’s say you only had half of these people, 25 people spend 20 bucks, then now you’re talking about some serious money and the return on your investment for 10 cents per person is making sense.

Now, I will then go ahead and use this as an example We’re gonna set the budget for $5 Now remember, that’s per month, not per day So, $5 a month is reasonable to get this started, to see how the campaign works Now, what type of coupon? Now, you can give them percentage off, a discount on fixed amount off, like let’s say you could set $10 off, $50 or more, or percentage, you can say, you know what, get 10% off from spending $100.

  1. Try free shipping:Or you can do a free standard shipping So that way then, you would create a coupon code for that and that’s how they could redeem it So here, let’s do a percentage off We’ll do 10% off And you can choose a coupon code.

10%OFF So, must contain only numbers and letters Okay, good, all right So here’s what we’ll do We’ll go 10OFF.

Perfect And this will be the coupon code that they will use at checkout Now, before we get it activated and we confirm it, we want to go ahead and review it and make sure it has Okay, so it shows you here the discount type is a coupon, 10% off The audience, specifically, abandoned cart, so this email will go to people who have abandoned carts

Minimum order, no, there’s no minimum order Monthly budget for this campaign is $5 That’s reasonable And name is 10OFF And also, the entire shop

That’s what you wanna do I don’t really necessarily believe in doing this item or that item I wanna do it all because I want as much traffic, and of course, more sales All right So from there, you go ahead and launch the campaign.


I actually have a couple campaigns going right now I’m not gonna launch this one in particular, but that is the gist of how it works I’ll go ahead and cancel that special offer But using that to get the abandoned cart, keep in mind, a lot of customers get sidetracked or get distracted or maybe they’re looking for more products, so they’ll add your items to their shopping cart and maybe just forget about it, but this will remind them It will pop out an email and say look, hey, you got some items in your cart, take 10% off,

It’s a big incentive to get a customer to complete the transaction So again, give that a shot and if you’ve tried this, for the rest of our subscribers, if you’ve tried it, let us know down the descriptions how this worked, if this was really beneficial for your Etsy shop, and then what kind of sales did it drive by using these types of special offers So, if this helps you out, guys, as always, do give me a big thumbs up And if you have any questions about abandoned cart and doing these campaigns on Etsy, do let me know down below, and I look forward to seeing you guys on the next video.

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