How To Start A Credit Repair Business


How To Start A Credit Repair Business

What’s good Wealthbuilderz, it’s yah boy DeVaughn back again with another video Today we are talking about How To Start A Credit Repair Business. So Let’s go

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1.You must get your llc:, This is not a game folks. If your starting a business especially a credit repair business you need a llc Check out the video right here for that

2 Get business insurance: Your dealing with others personal info so you want to make sure you are protected.

3 Create a website. You want to have a central location where your clients can go to and check out your credentials. Especially when marketing your business on fliers and business cards.

Most people will check out your website first then give you a call.

 4 Make sure you have proper credit repair training: You should actually know the ins and outs of Credit Repair before charging anyone I recommend practicing on yourself or a close family member and friends before charging strangers

If you don’t know where to get training from click the link below or watch this video right here.

 5 Office:recommend having a office that you can actually meet your clients Most people won’t just hand over their personal information without actually knowing who the person is or at least knowing where they can find you if something goes wrong. There you have it My 5 simple steps to starting a Credit Repair Business.

Thanks for watching my video How To Start A Credit Repair Business. But before you go I have some questions; Do you currently feel over worked and under paid? Do you want to make more money on your job? Is your credit score holding you back? Then watch this free video below to learn more.

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