How to start a YouTube and video business

How to start a YouTube and video business

Are you worried that you have to buy lots of equipment to start your YouTube business and video business? Fear not! You already actually have either everything you need but don’t realise it, or you just need one or two simple low-cost items you can easily buy to get started without delay. Welcome to this video entitled:” How To Start A YouTube and Video Business With What You Have”
To start your YouTube business and video business without delay, you don’t have to produce a Hollywood blockbuster! So what can you use to get your business off the ground? Also, be sure to watch the video to the very end where you’ll be able to get details of how to download your free PDF copy of: ” The 7 Critical Reasons Why You Should Be On YouTube”
Hi, my name is Jeff Laming of Video Cashflow, and in this video we’re going to absolutely amaze ourselves with what we already have to get your YouTube channel set up whilst getting your YouTube and video business motoring. Before we do so, and if this is the first time you’re watching a Video Cashfolw video and you like what you see, hear and read then please click the “Subscribe” button below this video to get more video marketing and business videos on a weekly basis.


Equipment you need to start a YouTube Business

So what have we got to get our YouTube and video business going without maybe realising it?
1. A smartphone or a digital camera:
Do you have one of these? Do you know how to operate these items? If yes, great! If no, great! Learn now – it won’t take you long – literally minutes. Practice for half an hour so to get the hang of it, and then you’ll be ready.
2. A tripod: Do you have a board and easel in your loft, garage or cellar? This will do! Do you have anything that could be used to hold a smartphone, a camera, or a tablet? This will do! If none of the above are viable, seek out a tripod from a local specialist shop that will be compatible with your camera, phone or tablet.
3 A microphone (or mic): This is one tool you need to ensure is of a decent quality. Make sure it’s compatible with a smartphone, tablet or camera that you’re going to use. It’s worth visiting a specialist shop to determine which microphone will do the job.
I do not recommend buying from Amazon unless you know what you’re buying.
4. Lighting: Use natural daylight where you can. For indoors, film in front of a window with natural light.
When indoors – and the natural light is poor because of dull or wet weather – supplement with the lighting in your room. No, it’s not ideal but many Youtubers have used kitchen tinfoil and desk lamps to make good and very effective use of artificial light. When filming outside you have many options, however, beware of background noise as this is definitely something to avoid.
5. Resourcefulness:
Not a physical tool but I’m including it as a vital ingredient to get your other tools in place, and for you to start taking action – you have seen that you don’t have to spend a fortune on tools and it’s likely that you already have access to the tools required. So, examples of resourcefulness include: (1) Placing your camera on a steady pile of books; (2) Using a retractable music stand; (3) Filming in natural light ie outdoors – weather and background noise permitting, of course; (4) Imagination is the key.
And number 6 Summary – that’s it! Camera, smartphone, tablet, tripod, microphone and resourcefulness! And the point to stress in all of this is to start taking action now! Get used to the tools and the quality of your videos, including the sound, the lighting, and the way you speak, and the way you present yourself Everything will improve over time, and if you’re in the position to do so, start generating sales of your products as quickly as possible if you want to upgrade your tools re-invest the cash generated by your sales or by other sources of income you have access to ie wages, salary, savings etc.


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