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UWF’s Educational Leadership Program, is ranked 12th in Best Colleges – [Julie] We, at UWF, have a very strong Educational Leadership Program.

We have a variety of faculty members who have years of experience, from being an administrator, at the beginning level, and assistant principal, all the way to superintendent.

 So, our experiences can be shared with you so that you gain from our experiences. A person would enroll in an Educational Leadership Program if they aspire to be a principal in the future, or if they want to work and do professional development or staff development for other teachers.

 Essentially to advance outside of a classroom setting – You, as a student, will find that the most rewarding career that you can move into, as you are able to share in the lives of students, and faculty, and providing them with the leadership, that will allow many people to become all that they can be.

– [Aneta] Our program is geared toward working teachers. They’re able to work with their individual principals at their school, or, assistant principals that are in charge of curriculum, or even reading coaches; all of those that are in administrative levels, right there in their own building It’s flexible, it provides the opportunity for them to be able to have a family life outside of work and school, so they can do it at their own, own pace and their own time frame.

They can expect availability, our program being online, sometimes some things, well, perhaps, you never are able to communicate with a professor.

But you will find that there are constant communications, through email, through discussion boards and, through other mechanism. I do believe that our program is unique in the fact that, we all are practitioners, and we come with that background knowledge, of being able to support our students And we try to make it relevant, so what they’re actually learning, they can apply to the skills that they are learning to become an aspiring leader

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