How to start home-based Business

Why You need Home-based Business

Kelly: why you ever wanted to own your home based-business? How you can make your dreams come true? Joni Redick-yundt joins us this morning with great tips.

Good morning, Good morning how are you?

Kelly: so good i love these ac ac akamai segments, what are ad vangs — advantages of having a home-based business?

  1. Having Break Flexibility: especially when you have young children, you want to attend their school activities, i remember like with my son at the time, it was very difficult because an 8:00 to 9:00 job, you don’t have flexibility. flexibility is the best thing and you can earn more money

kelly: there you go i feel like that’s such a big dream, to be your own boss, to do what you want for do and have this business at home, especially with a family life you’re so amazingly. Tell us more about your experience;

Kelly: How many children do you have and what was it like with your business?

(Other speaker) I have two beautiful children they are grown up now that makes me feel older, my son is 33 years old, and my daughter is 27.

Growing up, i thought having that home-based business when my daughter started opportunity to have that direct home-based businesses. So i thought wow, this is nice to be able to attend her field trips; that’s when i started doing community service, so it’s really nice to have that.

And i always tell to young women know your passion. they grow so fast when i look back, where did the year ago it’s is great opportunity to do so much more.

Kelly: You’re showing your kids you’re following your passion and dreams for parents out there or anyone in general who are interested in starting their home-based business, what would you suggest to them?

Now their passion they have to know what they love to do, because you don’t want to force yourself, okay, i want to stay home because i want to have flexibility there are some people that they do it just because but they find that — and if you quitting passion connect with the right people .

Kelly: and how do you connect? how do you know where to start? reaching out to? I wanted to say that fames organization to gear four people who is starting a business and this is a grate — great time.

We do have our workshop 13ees13 — years we provide for the community we have excellent speakers, like Jane Sawyer from SBA, so many things in different areas. We have Jan from Carnegie.

And we have a business lawyer you want to start legally this is a great place for the people who are starting a business

Kelly: the information was on your screen we’ll have all the details on our website at khon2com a free event at the day and busters showroom, you can call that number on your screen.

Whatany last advice? number one, have education argosy university, they have an leadership classes program that i know some people, some of mice — my friends have gone there,

past president of fames, Hawaii inspired to be in the business. He went there finished his bachelor’s degree in business they have to know how to get out there and network. it can be challenging to start a business and if you don’t have the right resources, the right people to talk to.

That’s why we have fames Hawaii happening June 16. We have all of the people there sharing their knowledge, their skills and experience so come on down.

Kelly: and everyone here in Hawaii knows that when you have connects it can help you get further.

Thank you a great free event we’ll have the details at khon2com thank you for joining us.

Thank you kelly: if you know someone who wants to go to college you can enter argosy university’s scholarship contest one lucky winner will receive a 10,000-dollar scholarship head over to khon2com for the details and nomination form.

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