Nigeria features a large and quick and fast growing population that always requires new buildings being erected and old ones being renovated. Which means that paint products will be needed and will be in demand. With the right business plan and execution, you possibly can make millions from paint production business.

However big the original investment, with good marketing and management, your investment can pay itself off multiple times over.

Business Registration

The very first thing you have to do is register your business with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Registration should be performed being a Limited Liability Company (LLC). When you yourself have done this, then you definitely are good to go.

Site of the factory

Proximity to the goal market is vital because you want to manage to deliver your goods on time. Wherever you choose, be near your intended customers. Customer care promotes business.

Size of  the site

This depends upon the scale of production you want to venture into. You are able to produce small, medium or large scale. Your set up might be within your very compound for small scale production.

Raw materials needed for producing paints

 Different kinds of paint are found in Nigeria, some of which are emulsion, gloss, texcoat and ceiling paints and the essential components are:

•The solvent: A few of the major paints found in Nigeria are either oil based paints which usually are shiny and glossy or water based paints which are not.

Pigment: This gives the paint its colour,



Most of the ingredients needed to make paint is found in the market and all you have to complete is get them mix them into a stick and package. You don’t need any special education to make paint because it’s quite a straightforward process. just ensure you make good quality.

Paint production chemicals

These chemicals may be used to produce the next paints: Emulsion paints, Texcoat paint, Silk paints, Screeding paints, P.O.P., Road marking paints, Stucco paints, paints, Satin paints,  Anti-rust paint, Primer undercoat paints, Aluminum paints, Fire retardant paints, Gloss Oil enamel, Mosquitoes Insect repellent paints.

They’re the chemical to be found in the production of emulsion paint and others. They are readily available in the market where chemicals are sold. Although some like water is naturally available everywhere for free. This is actually the list of a few of the chemical component.

•Medium industrial paint mix tank

•Titherni (used just for the production of white paint)

•Calcium carbonate,







•Marble dust,




•Bama cork

Functions of chemicals

•Water : Water is employed to mix all of the chemicals together. It must certanly be a warm water. You need to use almost any clean and neat water with normal water temperature.

•Titherni:  It’s whitening chemical in powdery form. You are able to always have it where they’re selling paint chemical or rather industrial chemical.

•Calcium carbonate : This chemical can be in powdery form. It’s packaged in bag and they write CalCo on it.

Colourite: This is the most crucial of the entire course. It involves the power of mixing some colours to get a desired result. It’s not so difficult at all if you have initiative and artistic eye,

•P. V. A: This chemical is extremely important. I suppose you might have seen a scenario where after painting a building whenever you rub your hand on top it will be dusting. That is as a result of ill usage with this liquid formed chemical.

Small scale production

To produce paint on a tiny scale, you don’t desire a factory, you don’t even electricity, all you need to complete is buy the ingredients and mix them. The mixing can be done by hand or you can get a portage electric mixer. It’s that easy! Total start-up costs might be below 200,000 naira. Just ensure that your product is good quality.

Medium Scale

For this sort of production. You will be needing a tiny factory, equipment like a mixing tank, sand mill and paint filter machine to make large volumes of paint at all timeframe and truck for delivery. You’d require a few employees to take care of to equipment and deliver the paint. Start –up cost could be between 2 and 10 million.

Large Scale

For large scale production, you must purchase an automated paint production plant. It is quite costly, but any serious devoted person will reap massive profit from his /her investment in no time. The start-up cost for this may be above 15 million naira.

One 20 litre bucket of paint goes for approximately 14-25,000 naira with respect to the brand. In the event that you produce 100 litres each day, that amounts to N70,000 every day.


Regardless of scale of production, you will need to develop an excellent marketing strategy that provides customers for your requirements and great customer care to keep them with you. You can sell to the paint wholesalers and retailers around you.

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