Is Scorpion VenomThe Most Expensive Liquid On Earth?

Is Scorpion Venom Is The Most Expensive Liquid On Earth?
Is Scorpion Venom Is The Most Expensive Liquid On Earth?

Next fluid following this is the cobra venom. Lets see facts about scorpion venom below.

It costs $38,585,507.46cent (Thirty seven million, five hundred and eighty five thousand, five hundred and seven thousand pounds and forty six cents) per 3.7 liters gallon.

It’s more costly than Thailand’s King Cobra venom which costs $153,835.82 cents, (One hundred and fifty three thousand, ten hundred and thirty five dollar and eighty two cents) per 3.7 liters gallon.

Scorpion venom contains 5 million unstudied compounds. These compounds are found in wide selection of medical applications and growth of new drugs.

An anti cancer drug VIDATOX , was acquired from Blue Scorpions and has been tried on a lot more than 10,000 patients with good results.

So next time you see a scorpion or a snake, don’t worry! that which you are seeing is just a prize and a healer.

You could actually begin a company with this. Damn profitable!!! Millionaires knocking!!!

Trust this is interesting!!

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