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The e – commerce refers to the network as a medium for transactions both between companies and between companies and customers . It’s a cheap way to connect computers and connect people. Internet and conducting online business can be as cheap as you want it to be


The e – commerce refers to the network as a medium for transactions both between companies and between companies and customers . It’s a cheap way to connect computers and connect people. Internet and conducting online business can be as cheap as

Electronic commerce offers great advantages for companies:

The opportunity to compete with all competitors.
Cost reduction.
More effective administration.
Possible adaptation of an existing business model to online commerce.
Reach new customers.
Any company can benefit from this type of business and not to be left behind, it is very important to integrate electronic commerce into a web page adapting an existing one, or creating a new one, with online payment.

TUESDAY: Examples

Big enterprises

RS Components, opened online in 1998. It is the most important European distributor of electronic components, medical devices .. It is famous for its extensive catalog and for delivering the orders the next day worldwide.
Medium-sized companies
Mathmos won the Yell award for best commercial website in 1998. This is different in many areas: colors, innovative designs, it is bilingual .. The web allows you to sell your specialized products to a wider audience.

Small companies
CodeBase sells Java applets that it designs. It only exists online and offers its products within hours after an order, receives instant payments and provides constant support.

WEDNESDAY: Payment systems

Credit cards: the credit or debit card is verified and the funds are automatically transferred, protected with a security system.
NetBanx: system that is added to the existing website of a company as an order payment system.
WorldPay: system that accepts a single currency or several, credit and debit cards, micropayments and transactions between companies.
Digital money: it has been used as a generic term to describe all types of electronic currency.
The Barclays bank allows you to accept reduced payments, which are added up to a maximum, to avoid the costs of credit cards.
Micropayments: offer a means of making small payments in exchange for information.
MilliCent: manages transactions valued between 0.1 and 5 dollars. It uses some electronic chips called scrip, which are like coins and customers buy the scrip using a credit card, then they can be exchanged for content when they visit different web pages.
Smart cards: same aspect as credit cards but has a chip that allows to store information of the owner. It can be charged with cash and then pay at a traditional store or online.
THURSDAY: Portales elec nicos

Microsoft Site Server Commerce is a complete set of hardware and software tools that enable medium and large businesses to create an effective e-commerce website. It facilitates a flexible means of organizing the processes of a company.
HomePage Creator (IBM) allows you to create a web page that allows electronic commerce using molds and an IBM location service. Perfect for new businesses and small businesses.

Net.Commerce START (IBM) offers a wizard, secure payment systems and helps the server to locate itself on the Internet quickly.

FRIDAY : Security

An online store must guarantee security to customers and to herself, and generate confidence to increase sales.
Transactions must be secure, private, and confidential information thanks to coding.

Secure connection (SSL) so that third parties do not access confidential data.
Firewalls, allows blocking access to unwanted visitors.


There are two ways to deliver the products and services to customers:

By traditional means of transport through outsourcing (FedEx)
On the Internet where it is sold and delivered (more efficient and cheaper).
SUNDAY: To keep in mind …

The taxes will be the same to pay as in a traditional store.
The Copryright is used as a method to protect creations copies. We also take into account electronic contracts, which have the same validity as electronic contracts. However, even though the internet is a global market, it is necessary to keep in mind the laws of the different countries.
It is essential to protect the rights of the customer in electronic commerce. To this end, the United Nations created the Directive on distance selling.

Although the book is from the year 2002, and is outdated since electronic commerce has developed considerably in the last 5-10 years, it provides a lot of information to get started in online commerce.

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