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Make money by watching videos on Famly app

 Hey guys Jaffry Ward with the Modern Internet Marketer, and I’m about to teach you how to make fast cash by watching videos through our online app.

You’re gonna wanna watch this video all the way to the end. Go ahead and like this video just if you like this content. Go ahead and subscribe if you haven’t subscribed already. I make daily videos on how to make money online, how to make money with apps, all that good sort of stuff.

The link that I’m gonna give you guys to this app is gonna be in the description below When you go through my link, you’re gonna get a dollar on the app. First, matter of fact, let me how you the link and this is actually getting paid to watch videos. I’m gonna explain the whole method in a minute but let me just give you guys a link This link will be in the description below,

You just come to this link, excuse me, enter your phone number, enter your verification code, copy this code just in case you’re in another country, once they send you the link and you download, you hit the claim now button you’re gonna get a dollar. You have to do these steps in order to get the dollar. You just can’t download the app and then expect to get a dollar, you have to go through somebody’s referral link in order to get the dollar. That’s why I have my link to it, but let me show you how it works.

Before you actually join, you’re gonna earn your money by watching daily viral videos. These are not ads by the way, these are not like ads to companies or whatever. These are viral videos that you will watch on YouTube.

It’s a pretty decent app, all you do hit this square page, you hit that one video and then you go down and down and watch each video exactly how you see it right here. You will watch this video, and then you will watch this video, and you will watch this video, and you earn points. One thousand Fam coins equal one dollar. You have to come here and watch a whole lot of videos.

I mean, a lot of you guys are already watching videos on YouTube right now so why don’t you just go ahead and get paid for it? That’s how you can do it. Another thing, they have daily chances on here that can do quizzes and things like that, you can even become a creator on famly. So if you want to actually do videos, you can actually do videos on famly and I think you earn a percentage for the people who watch your video. You have to check it out in the app. This app is pretty simple. This is all there is to it You download the app, go through my link and you get a dollar.

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Also, if you complete your profile you get some more points but they pay automatically through PayPal I forgot to put the PayPal thing on here, but you just hit cash out and it goes directly to your PayPal instant just like with Front 2 and some of the other apps I be promoting. This is a very, very great way for you guys to earn money watching videos. That’s about it (laughs). It’s early in the morning and I told you guys unless it was a great app, a great money makin’ app, I was not gonna promote it, I was not going to do another video about apps.

But this one is great app and you have to check this out, plus your gettin’ a free dollar. So I mean, what do you have to lose? You watchin’ videos on YouTube like that anyway. That’s it Fam.

Other Money making Apps

Click the link in the description, download the app Also, I have other money makin’ apps like Dosh. I’ve earned around, by this time, I’ve earned around about $3,500 on Dosh and the people I have referred have made over $4,000 well $5,000 now. This is an old screen shot.

Over $5,000 with the app I made $600 last weekend, you can just see. This is the cashback app that allows you to link a verified debit or credit card, and go shop at these nearby stores that you’re already shopping at and earn cash back. You can even shop online, you can invite friends you earn $5, this was a promotion Promo ends on the 31st.

Once the promo ends it went back to $5. You can just see right here, I’ve got some $5 bonuses. You refer people you earn cash back through your card and you make money. Front 2 is another one Enter in my code you get 2,000 points and you also have, they put these, lots of these apps, they put screen apps on the front of your phone

So when you open up your phone, you’ll see an ad Swipe left, you earn points. You download apps, you earn points. You do offers, you earn points. Transfer those points into an Amazon gift cards, Target gift cards, Visa gift cards, whatever.

You guys already, I’m just doing this for the people who are new. So if you guys are new to my channel, those are other money makin’ apps you can use along with famly. Yeah, that’s all I got for you guys Make sure you like, subscribe and I’ll see you guys on the next video, peace out

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