Millennials VS Artificial Intelligence in Workforce

While the tail end of the Millennial generation enters the workforce, believes having kids, and cements itself on the planet at large, it’s without doubt that Millennials will encounter a distinctive future in comparison with Generation X or some other generation that came before them for that matter.

The whole world itself has evolved tremendously recently, with one of the largest changes being the introduction of heightened technology and the accessibility of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to customers and businesses.

Millennials VS Artificial Intelligence
Millennials VS Artificial Intelligence.

What is AI?

The generation that individuals like to be famous for being early adopters of new technology ; however, it remains to be detected exactly how AI will shape the post-adolescent lives of 80 million Millennials that is only about the largest age grouping in American history. RPA, however, performs the tasks it had been programmed to do and does not adapt to changes by itself.


A common concern with AI is that it is going to replace people in jobs entirely. Together with the creation of more intelligent automation, lower level jobs are being performed by humans less than they certainly have been before. Where workers who’re older have a greater potential for keeping their jobs because of tenure or seniority, young professionals will realize that typical entry-level jobs will probably cease to exist as AI spreads and fills those sorts of positions.

With typical entry-level jobs decreasing and the number of people entering the workforce increasing, the competition for jobs will definitely be cutthroat.

Millennials can only stand the workforce only when AI and an increasing ways of obtaining competing applicants is looked into, they will need to be knowledgeable and adaptable. The occasions of”paying your dues” through routine manual labor will become anything of the past. Millennials won’t simply be cogs in the machine, to genuinely flourish in business they should assess and recommend how to make the machine more effective.

Millennials VS Artificial Intelligence
Millennials VS Artificial Intelligence.


Looking at the massive introduction of AI by companies, Millennials certainly should come accustomed with the current day technology. Tens of thousands of companies around the world have adopted AI. As the fear is that AI is eliminating tasks in the work force, research collected by Capgemini has shown the opposite to be true. The implementation of AI in business has established new functions for workers, with most being at the mature level. The Gartner report gave the exact prediction, predicting that AI will bring half of a million more jobs than it will eliminate over the next couple of years, increasing the demand for higher skilled employees.

As businesses turn to deploy AI technology to improve productivity by automating routine tasks, they inevitably will need more senior level resources to manage the machines. Millennials stand the most effective chance of being hired to these new sorts of roles simply because they’ll be entering the job been trained at the latest technology.

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