Money Won’t Make You Happy



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Part 1: Money won’t make you happy.

 I’m Nilaja, What are you talking about that’s what we’re all working towards right that’s what it’s all about right, like I need the money so I can get that car that’s gonna make me happy, I need the money so that I can get that house or that property that’s going to make me happy that clothes and on and on and on.

I need that get that job that’s gonna give me the money that’s gonna make me happy right?  Wrong!!!  And let me tell you why I say that; I say that because I’ve been there I got the degree that’s what we work for right? Go to college you get the degree, I went and I got the degree Go get that high-powered job! I got the high-powered job. Go get that new car! I got the new car. Go get the latest cell phone! I got the latest cell phone. Go get your own spot! I had my own spot. Get a partner! I had a partner.

Do you know I was not happy? And when I looked at myself and saw all these things, I was devastated I was like, but wait a minute how can this be? I’m here, I’ve achieved it, I’ve done it and it was such a letdown. Deep down inside – it was confusing I felt there was something wrong and oh my gosh! what now?

And that was kind of the beginning of; well, we’re always on our spiritual journey but that was a turning point in mine. And so I had all the material wealth trappings right and a lot of other trappings right. I’m associated with money and I wasn’t happy so that leads me to part deuce

 Part 2: Allow yourself to be happy

What you mean Nilaja, allow myself to be happy? What is that supposed to mean? If I could be happy, I’d be happy right? No you have to allow yourself to be happy so as we referenced in part one – if you’re thinking these things are gonna make you happy you do not allow yourself to be happy until you get them and  we’re conditioned that way through punishment.

You get in trouble if you’re not doing good in school why because school – you’re not gonna good grades, well, oh my gosh!

 If you don’t go to school, you don’t get to the grades you can’t get the good job so you can get the money which is gonna make you happy. So you don’t allow yourself to be happy until you get these different things.

However, like I explained in part one, those things aren’t going to make you happy therefore you have to give yourself permission and allow yourself to be happy. Now wherever you are, in whatever condition, please allow yourself to be happy now.


Part 3: Get into that happy feeling:

Now, ‘that happy feeling’ or that happy vibration is what is going to then draw all the things to you that you’ve been trying to get to make you happy. We’re flipping at y’all, we flip in it because that is the reality in which we actually live in so get into that happy feeling and then happy vibration as much as you can right now.

So I’ll put it like this, okay? Just to wrap it up: first seek the happy place, and all of those happy things that you’ve been running after – are gonna find you you’re gonna draw them unto you through the law of attraction.


That leads me to part number…, no there will be no part number four, that’s actually another video and I already made it, check it out – it’s called the Joy Vibration. And so with that being said, thank you for watching again if you like this video go ahead and throw me a thumbs up and let me know go ahead and leave comments below let me know how you related to this video. Well, that’s me Nilaja Damali your galactic host signing out farewell Earthlings and fellow space travelers I’ll see you out there in the stratosphere.



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