Preparing Brown Rice from scratch


How to cook Brown Rice

Today we will show you how to make brown rice perfectly, everytime ingredients and quantities are listed in the description box, these are oil brown rice this has been soaked in water for 3 hours & the water drained out just now salt lemon for juice and water.

We have taken 4 cups of water as we will be cooking the rice by the drain method.

We will be draining out the water in the rice after it is cooked, put on heat & let the water come to a boil then add the rice, oil & salt.

Now squeeze the lemon juice into it, reduce heat to low.

Stir the rice & cover with a lid check the rice after 10 minutes, after 10 minutes the rice is about half cooked.

Oil & lemon juice will help keep the rice grains separate as they prevent sticking cover the pan & check back again after 10 minutes after 20 minutes. From start of cooking the rice is yet to get cooked completely, so we will keep it for another 8-10 minutes after 30 minutes from start of cooking the rice is cooked completely.

Put off heat & let rice sit covered for 5 minutes, then we will strain out the extra water shake well to remove the water you can see that the rice grains are separate from each other & they are well cooked transfer to a serving dish here is our dish of the day – perfectly cooked brown rice do try it our way and they will come out perfectly each time you can have it with dal, any gravy vegetable, raita or as you like do try it & share your experience.

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