pvc pipe manufacturing process

pvc pipe manufacturing processpvc pipe manufacturing process

PVC pipe manufacturing process. PVC stands for Polyvinyl-Chloride. You’ll be able to commence pvc pipe manufacturing process as medium and small scale business. PVC pipe these days a broadly used materials in electrical, irrigation, plumbing and development business. It efficiently replaces wooden, paper, and metallic pipes in a number of functions. Use of PVC pipes as electrical conduits is effectively accepted in-the house-hold and industrial works. Such like pvc pipe sizes have gained wider acceptance for water provision. They are perfect for quite a lot of reasons. Such like lightweight, low price rate, simple set up, non-corrosive, excessive tensile power to resist excessive liquid pressure and many others. They likewise provide resistance to many of the chemical compounds and have wonderful electrical and warmth insulation properties.

pvc pipe manufacturing process – MARKET OPPORTUNITIES

The Nigeria PVC pipes market is rising at a wholesome level on account of tremendous government expenditures on infrastructural development. The industrial sector and the agricultural sector are anticipated to spice up patronage for PVC pipes in-the future. PVC pipes are used for quite a lot of reasons e.g. water provision schemes, spray irrigation, plumbing jobs and land drainage schemes. PVC slotted and corrugated pipes are splendid techniques for draining of water. In view of constructing effective drainage and plumbing systems, rural water suppliers, irrigation services  are spending millions of dollars daily to buy the PVC pipes. The 60% of the entire demand of PVC pipes existing  right now is as much as 110 mm outer diameter.


In establishing PVC pipe production business and to join the league of pvc pipe manufacturers, firstly, register your small business with the necessary company registration organisations in your country. As in Nigeria you need to register with the cooperate affairs commission. Acquire quality test and confirmation certificate from the standard organisation of Nigeria. Apply for a ‘No Objection Certificate’ from the state’s Air pollution Management Board. Register and obtain a trademark to Protect your model.


To fully get started with the pvc pipe manufacturing process, you need to be aware of the different pvc pipe manufacturing machine, pvc pipe manufacturing machine price list, and the actual pvc pipe manufacturing machine cost. The following are pvc pipe manufacturing machine and pvc pipe manufacturing machine cost:

  1. Mixer with high speed, nonshell kind cap.50 kg. per batch/hr. full of comprehensive controls and cooling systems
  2. 65 mm/18 V PVC inflexible pipe extrusion plant consisting of dual screw vacuum sizing, unit extruder, haul off the unit also, cooling tank, , cutting machine, exhaustive with controls and motor, and many others.
  3. Dies measurement 20, 25, 45, 63, 75, 90, 110 mm and mandrel measurement 10 kg/cm2, 2.5 kg/cm2, four kg/cm2, 6 kg/cm2 .
  4. Scraper, grinder, heavy-duty fitted with electrical Motor.
  5. Overhead water tank and recycling Pump models
  6. Material weighing device, heavy sort industrial mannequin with medium accuracy.
  7. Pipe storage, racks, maintenance of little hand instruments, greasing, oiling tools, and many others.
  8. Chemical testing laboratory tools similar to chemical stability, Oven, and tools with testing tools, equipment for testing bulk density, particular gravity lead and tin estimation (in ppm), Lab. Gear consisting of aptitude for testing equipment, Impression assessments, compression power, Hydraulic strain (lengthy time period, quick time period) equipment.

pvc pipe manufacturing machine supplier


The required pvc pipe manufacturing raw materials for PVC pipe manufacturing process includes DOP, , Colors, Fillers, PVC resin, Processing acids, Stabilizers , Lubricants. Main utilities required are electrical energy and water. These pvc pipe manufacturing raw materials can be gotten from local market or bought from the pvc pipe raw materials manufacturers


In-the production process of pvc pipes, numerous steps are taken as follows:

#1. PVC pipes Extrusion

PVC pipes uncompounded resin, in contrast to another thermoplastics, isn’t appropriate for direct physical process . To award  the required processing and stop instability, it’s crucial to combine additives in the PVC  resin. Following are a number of the components that are usually used for the manufacture of solid PVC pipes.

Plasticizers: The widespread plasticizer in use are Paraplex, DIOP, DOA, DOP, DBP,  DEP, Reoplast and many others.

Stabilizers: The frequently used stabilizers are cadmium, lead, barium, tin, stearate and many others.

Lubricants: Extensively used lubricants are stearic acid, Epoxidised Monoester of oleic acid, Buty-Stearate, Glycerol Moni-Stearate and many others.

Fillers: Fillers are likewise used for producing the notable high quality product (e.g. calcined clay is used to enhance properties of cable compounds).

Prior to the extrusion operation, PVC resin is to be compounded with plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants and fillers to enhance process-ability and enhance the guaranteed stability. PVC resin is compounded with different components in a high-speed mixer. The compound resin is fed to the double screw extruder. This is  where die body for the required pvc pipe sizes are fitted. The PVC compounds are then sent through a hot chamber they usually get melted below the compression of the screw and temperature of the barrel. The marking on the pipe is completed on the time of extrusion.

#2. pvc pipe sizes

The pvc pipe sizes popping out from the extrude is cooled in-the sizing operation. There are principally two sorts of sizing used for manufacturing of pipes. They’re (1) Pressure-sizing & (2) Vacuum-sizing.

#three. PVC pipes Traction

The following operation wanted following the sizing is traction. The tube traction unit is required for steady haulage of the pipes being extruded by the extruder.

#four. Pvc pipes Cutting

Cutting: the final operation wanted is cutting. There are principally two cutting methods for solid PVC pipes viz. hand held and computerized. The pipes are then examined for SON marks and are ready for sales and supply.


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