Relationships in College: Factors that affect it

Factors that affect Relationships in college

Relationships in college can change personalities and affect you and people that are important to you. Distance, money, and culture can affect relationships with friends and family.

  1. Money:

Money can also affect those relationships because it can stress you out when you don’t have enough, which can discourage you to finish college. The lack of money can cause a discontinuing of freedom for activities with friends However, there are options to get extra money, such as work-study and scholarships. Over 80% of all students receive some sort of financial aid or scholarships, which can lessen those burdens.

  1. Distance

Distance can affect your relationships because students can get homesick. It can be able to destroy connections with your family because you don’t get to see them as often as you want to. This can cause first-time students to drop out. On the other hand, distance can make you more independent And the closer you are to home, the stronger the connection.

  1. Culture

Culture can also affect relationship because you may stay in your hometown a lot, and you might get discouraged to move back home because of the beautiful things you see in your new college, and your environment. Culture can also affect your college because you may get new friends and leave the old ones – But the old friendships that you have – you got to make sure they stay strong So you can keep those relationships and stay in touch. Therefore, college: it just doesn’t – it just doesn’t have a relationship change.

It can have affects on you and your life, and you can either use that as a low light or a highlight to your success and the life of your loved ones. I’m Devonne and I approve this message.

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