Self Employed TAXES 2021 Explained & Self Employed TAX TIPS (tax return documents & checklist)

If you are interested in learning more about SELF EMPLOYED TAXES, the 15.3% Self Employment Tax, your Self Employed Tax Return (and Tax Return Documents), Self Employed Tax DEDUCTIONS, Self Employed Tax CREDITS, some of the best tax write offs for 2020, some awesome Self Employed Tax TIPS, a Tax Return Checklist AND are self employed OR a Sole Proprietor, an Independent Contract, OR anyone that receives 1099 income then this video is for you! If you are a W-2 employee with a 1099 side hustle then you too can take advantage of some of these tax write offs for your 1099 income as well.
In this video we discuss many of the self employment tax deductions you should consider as someone who is Self Employed such as Vehicle Deductions (Section 179 & Standard Mileage Rate vs Actual Vehicle Expenses), Self Employed retirement account contributions, Business Meal Deductions, Rental Costs, Office expenses, & Health Savings Account contributions
Hope you enjoy the video and find a nugget or two of information to help you on your financial planning journey.
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