The differences between Medical home health and Private duty


Hi, my name is Chad Tracey with 2nd Family. There’s a lot of confusion out there as far as what types of services are available to seniors in their homes so we talk about the differences between medical home health and private duty.


Well, generally there’s two different types of services There’s medical home health services and private duty services. Medical home health services includes things such as physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, etc And these are generally ordered by a doctor Private duty services, the types of services that 2nd Family offers, generally includes physical care, things such as mobility assistance, dressing, bathing, toileting, etc

And we can also help seniors with things around their home, things such as meal preparation, laundry, dishes, etc. We can provide transportation and medication reminders Medical home health services is generally paid for by Medicare, and can also be paid for by private insurance, whereas private duty services is basically paid for by the individual or their families It is very common for most seniors to need both types of services So, you have two different types of companies – one that’s a medical home health company and one that’s private duty and it is very common for both companies to refer each other in an effort to give the best possible services to these seniors.

It’s actually a great opportunity for you to get business from them and for them to get business from you.

 So, I hope you found the differences between medical home health and private duty interesting. My name’s Chad Tracey, and thanks so much for watching.

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