The power of your subconscious mind pdf

The power of your subconscious mind pdf

If you’re doing any sort of deep use of the mind – meditation, hypnosis, psychotherapy, shamanic rituals, whatever – then you’re changing at an unconscious level. But you could wonder just what the unconscious mind is? It’s pretty simple, really. There’s your conscious mind. That’s everything you’re away of. The unconscious mind is the section of you that’s everything else. Now that we’ve cleared that up…

Okay, okay. It’s not really a great explanation. Let’s see if we could do better. A part of you regulates the human body functions. It tells your heart to keep beating, the body to remain at a specific temperature and your muscle to fire in precise sequences. You can’t control these processes consciously. You aren’t even conscious of the thoughts that control them. That’s your unconscious mind.

Mind power techniques

Then there’s the element of you that controls your emotions. Sure, you are able to consciously hijack this to an extent using the mind power techniques. Thinking of someone you like changes your emotions, for example. However you can’t switch off (or on) the way you can lift your arm. Your emotions come from your unconscious.

You’ve automatic protection mechanisms. Whenever you touch something hot, your hand recoils as though on its own. If a car speeds towards you, you leap out of the way without thinking. If something appears in front of see your face, you blink to shield your eyes. This really is your unconscious. You will find skills and habits you once didn’t know, like walking or driving a car. At first, you couldn’t do it. Then you could get it done nonetheless it took lots of (conscious) attention. Then it became so automatic that you didn’t have to take into account it. Yet again, your unconscious at work. These categories don’t even begin to scratch the surface.

Have you ever tried to keep in mind someone – a name, a fact – and “some element of you” forgot it anyway? When you speak, do you select each word and inflection? When someone is angry, isn’t it usually pretty obvious? But what part of you, I wonder, instinctively analyses the emotions of other folks? There is a lot that continues on outside your unconscious awareness. In reality, you’re not alert to a thousandth of a percent of that which you think and do. It would overwhelm you. Both in terms of volume and variety. The unconscious handles sets from basic biology to complex intuitions. It’s this that makes meditation and other mental practices so powerful. It brings a number of the unconscious material into your awareness. And it teaches the rest what you need in life. Why do you really need to show it? Shouldn’t it know what you would like, seeing that how it’s part of you? Honestly, I don’t know. I’m uncertain if anyone knows. Maybe it’s a protection mechanism to keep us from things we think we want. Perhaps it’s because, given the total amount it processes, the unconscious mind doesn’t know very well what to concentrate on. However, unlocking your subconscious mind grant you access to what to concentrate on

All I know is that mind training helps. It will surprise you, if you let it. The ability of your unconscious mind lies at your fingertips. You’ve so many approaches to explore your inner self. Self-hypnosis might just be the easiest, most reliable and most fun. Try it. Give yourself time to master the exercises. Touch base to the part of you that lies invisibly in your mind.

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