This is the Lowest Amount You Need to Live Off of Dividends

When it comes to truly living off of passive income, in my opinion there’s no better option than being able to live off of dividends. While it’s true that there’s other different types of passive income, such as owning real estate properties, selling your own book or starting a blog, there’s really nothing out there that requires so little work to maintain than being able to live off of the dividend distributions of your investments.
With dividend investing, you automatically receive dividends directly into your brokerage or bank account every single month or quarter. It’s the absolute easiest way to earn a living without having to raise a finger, with the exception of checking your portfolio maybe once every couple months. Even if you couldn’t fully rely on dividends for a living, that extra money you receive could be the difference between working a job you hate and switching careers to a job you enjoy. Or it could be the difference between working full time and working part time and spending the rest of your time with family or friends doing whatever you wanna do.
In todays video we’re gonna take a look at several different types of investments and figure out how much money we really need in order to live off of dividends. For this example, we’re going to assume that you want to live off of $4,000 a month. Which may or may not actually be quite a lot depending on your life circumstances.
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