Top three reasons for why relationships fail


For the love of relationships do not make the same mistakes in the next one! My name is Michelle Baxo and for the best advice for women on falling in love without compromising yourself, be sure to subscribe to this channel and hit that bell so you’re notified of new videos every week. Alright so we’ve all come up with a number of reasons for why our last relationships didn’t work.

Introducing the topic: Top three reasons for why relationships fail

And we’ve usually made peace with those reasons, now while I’m sure they’re totally valid, they aren’t necessarily useful when it comes time to creating your next relationship. So I invite you to strongly consider these top three reasons for why relationships fail so that you can optimize the chances of your next relationship being a lasting one.

  1. Criterion of choosing partners

 Alright now there is a good chance that in your past relationships you chose the wrong person in the first place. We don’t usually like to hear this, but quite often we select someone to be in a relationship with, not because they’re a match to the fulfillment of the future we want to create

But instead we choose them either because it was easy or because they provide one or two seemingly rare qualities. And we get so attached to that ease or those rare qualities that even with all the red flags, we try so hard to make it work and that doesn’t work. Look, hindsight is 20/20 so share with us in the comments: Have you ever done this before?

  1. Losing yourself

The second common reason why relationships don’t work is that you lose yourself in the relationship. Now sometimes we’re aware of this inside the relationship and sometimes we’re not. A sure sign of this is that after the relationship ends, you either feel this need to be in another relationship quickly or you feel like you can finally do the things that you wanted to do.

Which means, you weren’t doing those things inside the relationship. In other words, you stopped taking responsibility for your own alignment, boundaries and inner contentment.

  1. Over-reliance on your partner: And the third common reason why relationships don’t turn out is that over time you started expecting him to be everything for you, instead of a part of your life. Now don’t dismiss this until you check it out because it’s very common. As time goes by, we’re not satisfied with him just being our boyfriend.

Okay, we want him to be our lover, our partner, our parent, our best friend, our socialite. Someone to agree with us, someone to challenge us and quite often the collection of things we want from our partner completely contradict each other. So he can’t win! And let’s say he does happily oblige to all of your needs and wants. Well then, you my love will start to lose yourself because you’ve become completely dependent on this one stop needs shop and that is incredibly limiting and unfulfilling.

Summary on Top three reasons for why relationships fail

Okay, so now you know the top three reasons why relationships fail, how are you going to prevent this in the future? It actually starts with the work you do on yourself Now! So I have two next actions for you: go to our website MichelleBaxocom and find out about the Power Love Project and then secondly, be sure to attend our free webinar on Finding Love Without Compromising Yourself. Let’s get you on the right track Alright sisters, you know I love your comments, so write in the comments below Tell me what you liked Ask any questions

I’ll answer them personally And of course if you enjoyed this video, hit like, subscribe, share it with others and I will see you next week.

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