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5 weight loss smoothies recipe

I’m going to share with you, five weight loss smoothie recipes. Hey guys! What’s up? What’s up? What’s good? How’s everybody today? My name is Lateefah & you’re welcome to my YouTube channel. If you’re a subscriber welcome back, thank you for coming back I really appreciate you.

Not all smoothies are the same

If you’re new here my channel is all about lifestyle, i do some reviews & social media how to’s. If that sounds like something you’re into, please subscribe and hit that notification bell Smoothies are great It’s a great way to get your fruits, your nutrients. What you need to realize about smoothies is not all smoothies are created the same.

Some smoothies contain unrefined sugar

And I had to learn this the hard way. When I was having my smoothies and I was putting on weight, I’m like What The F?! I’m eating fruits, I’m having smoothies but I was putting on weight. A lot of fruits have a high sugar content, they are high glycemic. With fruits and foods that are high in sugar, it’s still sugar It’s unrefined sugar, but it’s still sugar and your body needs to break it down.

And for a lot of people it would make them put on weight. So now with a weight loss smoothie, what you want to do is incorporate fruits or vegetables that are high in fiber. You can use high sugar fruits but not too much of it. So you can use them to sweeten or to add that flavour.

Weight loss smoothies recipes

But don’t make every ingredient in your smoothie, high sugar because it just defeats the purpose – if you are trying to lose weight; Smoothies are a great meal replacement. This video is basically going to share with you my weight loss smoothie recipes.


These fruits are all available in Nigeria, they are all indigenous to Nigeria Africa Tropical areas.

These fruits are all cheap and they are easily accessible. Like I bought a week’s worth of smoothies and I think I spent about 4,000 Naira, Can you imagine? That is like so cheap! If you are interested in seeing how I make my smoothies? Keep watching!


Step 1:So we are going to be starting out with the green Ugwu smoothie. Ugwu is the traditional name for Pumpkin leaves in Nigeria We start out by pouring the almond milk in the flask.

Step 2: Putting our bananas input some of the pineapples in as well, throw in the cucumbers and stuff in the Ugwu leaves in the flask.

Step 3: Pouring in some lemon juice and we blend, blend, blend ♪ You’d think that a green smoothie would taste horrible, but this one tastes so delicious! Just add a little bit of pineapple to sweeten it up and we’re good. Ugwu is also a great source of fire, so it’s great for weight loss.


 The next smoothies is the tropical smoothie, the tropical mango and carrot smoothie. I always like to put in my liquid first, I don’t like putting in the fruit or the vegetable in first That’s just how I do it.

Step 1: Put in half a banana; Put half of the mango in; Throw our carrots in; Pour in the lemon juice Just ummm half of a lemon. A teaspoon full of ginger powder and we BLEND! ♪Blend, Blend, Blend♪ Mango helps improve digestion

It boosts the immune system. Carrots are a great blood sugar regulator. They are a high source of antioxidants – And that’s our tropical smoothie.


 Our next smoothie is the purple blast smoothie! I’ve called it the purple blast smoothie, it’s actually a blueberry smoothie.

Step 1: We put the almond milk in, throw in our banana, half a banana, some pineapple, throw in our blueberries which are rich in fibre and antioxidants; Lemon juice for the skin, that summer body glow, and we blend!


Our next smoothie is a chocolate smoothie! I mean who knew you could have a weight loss smoothie made of chocolate, Banana, Avocado, Almond milk, a power food called cocoa mojo.

Which i had at home It’s a great antioxidant, it’s great for weight loss If you cannot get this , I believe you can always get your hands on raw Cocoa powder. They sell this in the market.


Next smoothie is the strawberry smoothie.

It’s nice and pink! So we start bananas, the avocado, throw in the pineapples and the strawberries and we BLEND! Strawberries are low calorie, high in fibre so they are great for weight loss.

And there you have it guys! 5 Weight Loss smoothies I hope you’ll be trying out these smoothie recipes? If you found this video helpful please LIKE give it a thumbs up.

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