Why Do People Hate Mainstream Anime


Introducing: Mainstream Anime

What up guys! Ace of Jayse Here! And today we’re gonna be talking about Mainstream Anime! Some of you guys may be wondering… What is Mainstream Anime? Many people do classify Mainstream Anime as the longer running shows, but Mainstream Anime is actually is just the anime’s that are so well known, that you can expect most people have heard of it. Some examples of Mainstream Anime’s I expect most people have heard of are Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z.

Why do people not like Mainstream Anime?

Personally I think many of the Mainstream Anime’s out there are very enjoyable and I’m sure most of you guys do too. But believe it or not, many people actually don’t like Mainstream Anime. Some of you guys may be wondering… Why do people not like Mainstream Anime? Well I’m gonna break it down into 3 categories for why people do not like Mainstream Anime. First I’m gonna talk about the longer running anime’s Well the first reason’s pretty obvious.

  1. Too many episodes: People just simply don’t have the time to watch 300+ episodes in an anime series. And not even that, the longer running anime’s sometimes just drag out for too long. Like Naruto has so many fillers, which kind of just ruins the story. Fillers are interesting if you enjoy the series a lot, but they shouldn’t make it so it has nothing to do with the series at all.
  2. Predictable Storyline: Some people just don’t like the similar story arc progressions throughout these anime series. Many people just don’t like them because it makes the show very predictable. Like for example, the series Bleach 1:15 Ichigo at the beginning of the arc won’t be as strong as he’ll need to be to defeat the villain at the end of the arc. So how does Ichigo get stronger to defeat the villain? Ichigo will train by unlocking a new form or ability that will help him defeat the main villain of the arc. And I don’t blame people for not liking the longer running anime series because of that.
  3. Oversimplicity: Another reason why most people just don’t like Mainstream Anime is because it is designed for most people to enjoy. These people just don’t like their stories to be so easy to follow. Which totally makes sense, cause these people don’t enjoy the simplicity of anime series. They would prefer an anime series that’s much harder to follow. Rather than this character has a goal and you’ll know he is gonna accomplish it towards the end of the series. Most of the people who enjoy the longer running Mainstream Anime’s are people who enjoy a story that’s easy to follow, and they get to root on their character as they achieve their goal towards the end of the series.

              Common Trends on Why Mainstream Anime is hated

Okay now that I’m done talking about the longer running Mainstream Anime’s, I’m gonna go into my 2nd category, which is common trends on why people hate Mainstream Anime.

  1. It is popular: One common trend I see a lot and I’m pretty sure most of you guys do is… Because it’s popular. This isn’t even just in Anime. If something’s popular, people just tend to bash on it because that’s what the cool kids do.
  2. People are too critical: Another reason is a lot of people just are extremely critical on the series that they watch. People can’t enjoy a show when they criticize every small detail. Now listen I don’t deny that many of these shows have had their flaws But that doesn’t mean these series weren’t great overall. Some people just need to learn to be a little less critical.
  3. Main Characters are often overpowered: And my last reason is that the main characters at the beginning of the series tend to be really overpowered. Like for example Saitama in One Punch Man; that dude is overpowered, and he still is. If you guys actually try challenging me on that, the title of the series is called One Punch Man. How is he not overpowered?

And that’s it for common trends and I’m off to my last main reason on why people don’t like Mainstream Anime

Don’t get me wrong, I know that some of the smaller anime’s out there are actually better than the Mainstream Anime’s. But I don’t think you should hate Mainstream Anime cause it’s doing better than the series that you’re watching. So if you don’t like Mainstream Anime, I understand why and there is nothing wrong with that. If you guys have any more reasons why people don’t like Mainstream Anime, just comment them down below! And… NO HATE! Welp! Anyways guys!

That’s all I have left to talk about Mainstream Anime and why people hate it. If you guys liked my video, it would mean a lot if you subscribed to my channel and hit that like button! And if you guys have anything else you want me to talk about, just comment down below and… I’ll try my best to do it! PEACE!



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