Why People Are Quitting Overwatch


Overwatch is a game I have invested hundreds, no probably, well, over one thousand hours into on both the console and PC versions of the game. And yes, that means I bought the game twice and so have invested a good £80 into this game which is about $100 for you Americans out there.

So I’m certainly not an overwatch hater okay, even though I know that’s what the army of butthurt 9 years olds are going to be typing in the comments as I speak.

But like many people, recently I’ve stopped playing the game pretty much entirely, and so I wanted to take a proper look into why people are quitting overwatch.

A team based game like overwatch, who you’re playing with is pretty important to the gaming experience. Overwatch has become well known for being a game where the player-base often ruins the gaming experience for everyone else. From toxic teammates to leavers in competition, who either cause you to have to queue for another 5 minutes or play an entire match with one less person resulting almost always in a defeat, to having 5 teammates who all want to play dps and won’t swap to anything else.

 This has led to a big reduction in people playing competitive due to the pure frustration of getting salty, rage quitting teammates game after game after game.

When i picked this game back up a few weeks ago, I literally got to the point after just 8 of my placement games where I swapped over to playing quick play, because I was like 3 seconds away from breaking something, and I don’t even get angry at games, except xcom. I get real angry at xcom and this is nothing to do with overwatch’s actual competitive play.

 I actually think the system is pretty good but rather the actual players who are playing it. Now to be fair to blizzard, they are working on trying to make the competitive experience better with the new endorsement system and a few other good features, but there’s still a long, long way to go to making this game better for those who are good teammates and don’t just quit because someone locked in hanzo faster than them. So if Competitive play is ruined by toxic players at the moment the obvious choice would be to play quick play.

 Quick play was fun for me when I got back into the game. I was playing it with some friends and we would just mess around playing stupid team comps, and it was great. It brought me back to when i first started playing the game back on the ps4. But after a while they got bored of the game like everyone else and stopped playing, so I tried quick play solo and oh boy, what a mistake that was.

 Now don’t get me wrong, quick play isn’t serious like competitive and playing stupid team comps is fun, but I was playing a lot of solo heros like soldier 76, roadhog and … Mei. And I think the best way to describe my experience is to tell you that I got gold healing 9 times out of 10.

All the fun of messing around with friends was gone and quick play became very stale, very fast. Winning didn’t feel fun or rewarding and I really didn’t care if I lost or not. Quick play and the various arcade games can be fun but in my opinion they are very boring for anyone playing solo, you really need some friends to make them entertaining.

 I’ve gone on a lot of tangents in this video so I thought I’d quickly sum up why I think people like myself have quit playing overwatch.

 Ultimately the competitive side of this game is what really drives the success of this game, with all the money pumped into the easports – it really is being pushed by blizzard now more than ever.

However while the foundation of the competitive play in overwatch is actually really good; there’s just not enough being done to stop the player being constantly in these frustrating situations that make you want to throw your PC out of the bloody window, due to teammates who just take all the enjoyment out of the experience.

 Blizzard have made some good starts but a lot more needs to be done in my opinion to bring people back to the game. Although I have to admit i did come back and play a few games to play as the hamster in a wrecking ball, do more of that blizzard, do more of that.


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