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Why Most Relationships fail fast.

Hello guys and welcome to my channel my name is Andrew.

In today’s video I want to talk to you about the biggest reason why most relationships fail fast.

  1. Relationships fail fast when Love Clouds judgment: And to be honest that happens because with 10th we as people tend to hide certain things when we do like a person, so what I’m trying to say is it happens very often in your life that you meet a person in town what pleasure sound face, but you meet this girl and you really feel like you like her a lot you are trying your best to show her you have a lot of things in common, and you are actually her perfect match and she should date you – you should be together, you belong together. You do this because you feel inside like you really like her and your relationship would be very very nice.

Let’s just say this girl you met is saying at a certain point, listen and Joe I don’t really like guys that go to gym; let’s just say you are very passionate about gym and just because you like her, you are gonna say like yeah I actually agree with that you know. I am NOT into these people that go to the gym as well, although you are passionate you are a crazy motherfucker watching.

  1. Starting a relationships with a lie will make relationships fail fast.

This is the problem when we like somebody we tend to agree with that person. Because we are afraid of losing her we want her to stay we wanted to give us a chance and that’s why we choose to lie. And you see you are lying from the first point in the end this possible relationship and that is I think the biggest reason why most relationships fail because – they all start with a lie in the beginning.

And if you lie in the beginning you will lie along side the way of the relationship along your journey together you will definitely lie again, that’s one thing.

  1. Not Paying attention to small details will make relationships fail fast:

Second usually we tend to hide, we tend to lie about something that for us seems very small but for that person is very big. That’s why actually that person mentioned this thing to you – like I don’t like this and you think to yourself ‘oh well it’s a small thing, I’m just going to say I like it’, but for her it’s very very big.

And in the end she or he will see to nature because you are yourself, you cannot pretend to be someone else and she will discover this thing about you, you know and this whole thing is gonna affect your relationship and unfortunately your relationship my hands; I mean to be honest 95% of my relationships ended because I was hiding some small things.

Remedy to why most Relationships fail fast

 In my best advice for this situation would be: guys to be true to yourself and be true to the person as well. Like really admit the fact that you’re not perfect, you or not may be the perfect match for her so let her decide, letting free will to decide if she really wants to try relationship with you or not.

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