Why Women Feel Not Good Enough


I look at some of the commercials on TV, and it paints women, mostly as a sex object or an object to be marketed. Women make like 90% of all purchasing decisions so it’s a way to compel a woman to shop.

There is this illusion that makes you feel like you have to reach something; that you are not whole how you are. You are imperfect and you need something else to make you perfect. But this is not true – sometimes I have no idea how I can figure out how to see myself as, a beautiful person.

It’s disturbing that the media is of such sway that even little girls are already beginning to nick pick and self criticize to an almost hateful degree how they look.

The society that we operate in doesn’t cultivate that relationship. It tells us that we should not like the body that we are in, that we should want to have blonder hair. That we should want to have whiter teeth – We love big lips, we love small nose, we like this kind of hair.

We have to have big breasts and a big butt because men want that. Who made those belief systems? Body shape, age, all of these things that are supposed to make you unhappy or that you’re supposed to believe in you should just question them.

You know women have to understand that everything about them is perfect and profound, and is meant to be here, and they are meant to be exactly who they are, and know that it’s okay for them to see themselves as the divine embodiment, because that’s really what everyone is on this planet – Everyone has their insecurities. It’s the truth, it’s real, we all have our faults, we all have our flaws, but we are all goddesses and it is up to us to actually realize that.

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